Creative Projects In Progress

Writing – I made a significant leap forward in my graphic novel draft this morning while my son was playing by himself. I am now fully into the climax, which is exciting. I may actually finish the first draft this week, barring any unforeseen draws on my time.

Painting – I now have four small gouache paintings in progress, and I’ve managed to throw several more layers onto each over the past couple of days while my son watercolors. It is an activity we can do together for twenty minutes or so. I’m getting close to being finished on two of them, but the other two will require a lot more detailed work. I love working in watercolors and gouache, but it is a time-consuming medium for me.

Music – I transposed an exercise for my flute and played it through along with several other pieces on Saturday, which made me very pleased with myself. I’ve been much stricter with myself in recent months of actually practicing scales, and this has greatly helped my technique build back up. My voice lessons and singing more have helped the musical shaping while I play flute too. And yesterday, I got to go and play my piano for the first time in over a month, which was this huge stress release for me. I have my first voice lesson in over a month this Friday, too, which I’ve been practicing for. My vocal instructor has been traveling and I’ve been busy. But I’m excited to move forward with him this spring and see where it will take me.

I’ve also been settling into my full-time hours at work. I actually have some extra hours banked, which means I’m trying to keep myself around 30 hours a week for the next couple of weeks to make up for it before we go into really crazy times for the rest of April. I am really excited about the things I will get to create for this next project, though, so that is a plus. Thus far, I’ve done a decent job at balancing work and family time, I’ve made a concentrated effort to keep a regular meditation and exercise routine up, and I’ve even squeezed in a little bit of socializing time. I’ve been less good about keeping up with household/organizational chores and paperwork, but if something’s going to slide, I’d rather it be those things anyway. Less important in the long run, in my opinion.

Anyway, progress on most fronts, which gives me satisfaction. And hopefully I’ll have more to share with you soon.


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