Creativity as a Gift

The following is one of my favorite quotes on creativity.

The next questions are based on this idea that creativity is born in each of us, and they require us to answer with stringent honesty: What are the gifts that we’ve been given?  To deny that we are gifted is, perhaps, to indulge in false humility, which allows us to shirk our responsibility to the gift.  But the gift is a sacred trust.  It asks something of us.  It asks that we accept it and temporarily become its guardian. It asks that we develop it.  And then it asks that we pass it on.


From Deena Metzger’s Writing for Your Life


The notion of creativity being a gift and a sacred trust resounded so loudly within me when I first read this. And that it should be passed on rather than being kept precious to ourselves… reading this years ago was probably the push I needed to overcome some of my perfectionist tendencies and actually start sharing my work.

How do you view creativity? Is it a gift or something else to you?


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