To Speak or Not

The massacre in Kenya has left me roiling internally. Any wanton destruction of human life and potential, anywhere, hurts me. But I haven’t spoken about it much or written about it. How can I bring down the people around me? And really, does talking and shaking my head at the state of the world do any good to anyone, or is it only to assuage my own guilt?

I will say that one meme greatly affected me, and that was a photo of some of the dead with a statement comparing the world’s response to the Garissa massacre and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. And it’s true that somehow, when it’s white people on European or American soil, it becomes more important than non-whites killing themselves in countries that most Americans have difficulty pointing out on a map, and that is tragic. It’s many tragedies rolled into one, actually.

People matter, lives matter, the potential for good matters. But we don’t honor the lives of others, especially those that look and act differently than us. How can we, when we find it impossible to honor our own selves? Something has to give soon, though.


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