America – a poem

Copyright 2013, Kat Micari

  Copyright 2013, Kat Micari

I am America
Sick and writhing
Obsessed with health
Rotting from within

I am America
Sliced and diced
Corpulent and uncaring
Numb to the core of my being

I am America
Selling the dream
Stretched to the limit
Listen to the proclamation

I am America
Static blocks all sound
Who knows what to do?
The wrong people are killed

I am America
I am the masses
A loud voice
Heard by no one

I am America
From sea to polluted sea
One nation, incorporated,
With lies and injustice
For all.

Copyright 2013, Kat Micari
From The Little Book of Insurrection, or the Poetry of My Discontent

Seems appropriate to post this with what’s been happening lately.


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