Let Yourself “Be” pt 2, Let It All Just Flow

A little over a month ago, I did a post about how I’ve learned that I have to just let myself “be“, and that life lesson has really been around me everywhere and has been expanded upon lately, in every part of my life.

I work so hard at everything, and that has gotten me to where I am, but it is time to fully get out of my own way and allow everything to just flow as it is meant to. It is okay to enjoy the process. I can give myself permission to not worry every step of the way because I’ve already laid all the groundwork everywhere in my life. So now I can build up instead of out.

Putting it all into practice is, of course, an entirely different matter, but when I can, it feels so good.

How do you hold yourself back in life? Are there patterns and traps you fall into on a daily basis that you could easily sidestep, if you just let yourself? And, if so, be honest with yourself about why you let that happen and see if you can slowly start to get out of that mode. I think it’s time for us all to stop holding ourselves back.


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