The Passing of Time

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was lovely. Not an especially out-of-the-ordinary day, but one of quiet joy, love, and well wishes both in person and online. Many of the Facebook well-wishers said “Hope you have a great day!”, and I replied that it was great, because it was. I had some surprises and some sweet moments, and it was beautiful.

Last year, I found out the day before my birthday the details of my new part-time position at work, and I had this tingling sense that the next day would be a “day of destiny” for me, and I felt disappointed when that didn’t happen. It was a letdown, and I wound up missing so many of the small, perfect moments of the day because I was waiting for the big moment to come. So, lesson learned, and I’m grateful now for both the big and small moments of bliss, and life is a lot more enjoyable. Maybe that was my destiny then last year, to learn a hard life lesson?

It seems important though, given the growing violence and insecurity in the world. Tumultuous times are upon us, and nothing is certain except for our sense of “I am” and our ability to forge relationships with others that are honest and true. We have to move from the heart and be secure in our space and appreciate the beauty amidst the madness or we’ll succumb to the madness ourselves.

So today is the day after my birthday, and it is another “great day” of creative and organizational work, of cuddling my son and having deep conversations with those I care for. Anything that I currently feel lacking in my life will grow to fruition in their own time, and I’ll keep working towards them without feeling rushed. And tomorrow will be another day of the same, or something will come up different, but it will be “great” nonetheless. Because all the small moments of joy add up, and that is great.


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