The Shifting Sands

There is a growing energy shift taking place across the world. I can feel it, see it in the individuals around me, watch it unfold on a global scale. It is as though collectively we’re shaking ourselves like a wet dog. It’s hard to stay present and grounded while the movement is happening, and maybe that’s not the point right now anyway.

I think we need to fully experience these shifting sands. We need to be strong enough to survive the chaos that is growing and supple enough to bend when we have to. We need to acknowledge when the ground is knocked from underneath us and get back up and keep moving anyway. We need to feel the grief of the world and the grief of individuals and process that grief in such a way that we can learn from it finally. We need to find the core of ourselves and remember that in the coming months and maybe years. We need to remember…

The future isn’t certain, but we can at least find certainty within ourselves.


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