Voting for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries

Just a friendly reminder that if you are a NYS resident and you are not registered yet as a Democrat, you should do so today and mail the form out tomorrow if you want to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary election.

I don’t post a lot of political posts, but I think this is important. If you’d like to discuss why Bernie is a candidate that should at least be heard at the presidential debates, then I will gladly give you my opinions. Bottom line, he has integrity and truth which is rare to find in a politician, and he isn’t in the pocket of any corporations. But there are more nuanced reasons as well.

Here is a handy state-by-state map to tell you how you can get Bernie Sanders on the ballot in your area.

Regardless of how you lean on the political spectrum, please actually think about the candidates in the United States as we approach this year. Don’t blindly follow a party line, don’t follow where others lead. Think, find your own conscience, then follow the dictates of your heart and your mind working together. Ignorance and apathy is a luxury we can’t afford anymore.


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