Fight or Flee

I tend to go back and forth between wanting to just hide away in the woods somewhere, creating the art and writing and music that I want, nurturing my family and friends, and living as sustainable a life as possible verses working deep in the midst of people and areas that need to be woken up, shaken free of their trapped selves, and being an active member of the community.

Most of the time I balance the two, retreating when I need to, but pushing outside my comfort zones when I feel necessary. But I feel like when I swing one way, I’m neglecting the other. I don’t want to wholly move into one way of living over the other, but I’m struggling lately with the urges to swing in the opposite direction coming more frequently than usual. Not very good for accomplishing projects.

But I’ll work through it. I always do.

Which way do you find yourself swinging as a creative? Are you out there in the forefront, or more comfortable hiding away and protecting yourself?

2 thoughts on “Fight or Flee

  1. I try to craft a balance as well. A writer who wants to share their work has to walk a tightrope of sorts and be an odd social creature to begin with. To understand characters and make them live, we have to experience and understand what it is to be human by ourselves and with others. At the same time, we need long stretches of solitude to focus, create and simply WRITE.

    In addition, for those of us seeking to be published, we are also exposing something very intimate and personal with our writing… Putting it out there for potential enjoyment, judgment and/or ridicule by absolute strangers. If that isn’t the definition of courage in the face something socially terrifying, I don’t know what is.

    But I do it, honing myself as both hermit and social butterfly, because my stories are my passion. Because if they are untold, regardless of their merits, they will never have a chance to live beyond my mortal imagination. Because seeing them take root in the mind’s eye of another is beautiful.

    • This is a wonderful author statement. 🙂 And a great insight into your creative life. Thank you so much for sharing.

      There is that fear every single time too, isn’t there? At least a little bit. We bought this Artist’s Decision Tree poster at a convention back in the day, and every time I start heading down one of those self-destructive modes of thinking, I look at it and laugh at myself.

      But we risk, we experience life, we heal ourselves in our retreat and in our creations, and then we do it again, because we must. Maybe someday, decades from now, it will feel easier. Or maybe not.

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