“Oh, You Got to Have Friends!”

Yesterday was a big “friend” day for me. I held one friend while he cried. I got to spend 45 minutes on the phone with a friend from across the country I haven’t caught up with beyond a brief email in about a year (she runs her own business, I keep a busy pace) and it felt great and I was glad to have scheduled the time with her. I contacted another friend for some help on some research I’m doing as part of my personal growth and he got back to me right away with many helpful leads. And I got to round out the day with some good conversation with my husband, who is after all, my closest friend.

There are days that go by, sometimes, where I get trapped in the routine and it’s a struggle just to be available to my immediate family. I’m horrible about talking to people on the phone. Sometimes if I’m in creative-mode, I’m horrible even in person because I have the tendency of being able to just cross over into my own head if I get bored or distracted. But forging real, lasting bonds with other human beings is so necessary, not just from a mercenary standpoint of needing other people to stand with you when you falter, but because that depth of connection grounds us to this life and this world, and the capacity for caring for others is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

I’m grateful for the connections I’ve formed, the members of my soul family that I’ve been able to freely give my love to and trust with pieces of my inner self. I’m grateful that I can be there for them if they need it, and that however far away we may be physically, and however many months may go by, time and distance holds no meaning.


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