Musings on the U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy and Politics as Usual

Justice Scalia’s death leaves a vacancy in the Supreme Court, one that could shake up things quite a bit once filled.


There is already huge controversy rearing, as the Republicans call for President Obama to delay the nomination until after the election this fall and the new president is sworn in, which is a huge breach in protocol and also means they are asking Obama to shirk his duties to the country. There is hate being flung from both sides, which is the same-old business.

I have not been pleased with our Supreme Court for many years. It is a microcosm of what is being played out across the country, albeit with more well-formed arguments and a better understanding of the English language than most. The game of politics has grown very stale in our country, and that is why so many of the general population are leaning toward Sanders and Trump. People are sick of the game. They’re sick of dirty politics. They’re sick of caving in to the interests of a few at the sacrifice of the majority. The general population on both sides share so many common grievances. But instead of talking together about those grievances and restructuring things to better suit the needs of the population, they allow themselves to get distracted by the smoke screens being thrown in their faces and hurl abuse at each other. It is maddening to witness.

Thinking about what the coming months will be like, I have a real bad feeling about everything. I think this nomination process is going to put some things in motion that will continue to roll into the elections this fall, and I think something big is coming. I only hope that whatever happens can be as non-violent as possible, but I’m not sure it will be.


5 thoughts on “Musings on the U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy and Politics as Usual

  1. Precedent for neglecting appointments has already been set: Obma had forgone appointing a new Secretary of Education, at that point with over a year remaining in his term: so acting secretary will remain acting, & without Senate approval. The Supreme Court can continue meeting as long as quorum is maintained.

    • Which is only further example of shady politics going down on both sides, in my opinion. I’d like to get rid of them all and start from scratch with non-career politicians. It would be an interesting experiment and one that would have great outcomes, I believe.

      • Yes, clean house, but not too much: the “Teapublicans” are mostly new anyway, & their methods in Congress just added to the dysfuction. More importantly, I think we need a new Constitution: “checks & balances” were already proven meaningless at least as far back as the 1830s, w/ Cherokee Indian Nation relcations! Supreme Court had their ruling favoring the Cherokee, & the Executive Branch basically either ignored or cheated past it, depending on which politician was at play.

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