I Found Myself – a poem

I found myself
On the shores
Of the lakes
And the seas.
There I was,
Inside seashells,
Buried in the soft sand
Or rough rocks.
The surf lapping
Or pounding.
The sweet spray
Coating my entire being.

I found myself
In the paths
Through the woods.
Dappled green
Or crimson and golden.
There I was,
Rolling in the leaves,
The smell of the
Damp, rich earth
Rising to meet me.
And all of me
Felt the urge to grow.

I found myself
Reflected in
Your eyes,
Revealing parts
Of me I never knew.
There I was,
Full of light
And shadow.
Full of love
Beyond this life.
Emanating out
For all to feel.

I found myself
When I lost myself,
A puzzle both sweet
And painful.

Copyright 2016, Kat Micari

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