We Have a House!

Yesterday, on St. Patrick’s Day, we closed on our house finally.

Here is a picture of it! It’s in a village outside the city we’re currently living, right on the edge so we miss out on a lot of the traffic but close enough to walk to everything, which is great because we’ve been a one car household since we moved to SoCal in 2005 and I would love to keep it that way for at least another year or two.


Fortunately, we aren’t on any time crunch to get out of our current living situation, so we’re going to take our time fixing it up a little, painting some of the walls (the living and dining room are this awful chocolate brown and what will be my son’s room is a dark orange), get our stuff out of various family members’ storage with a rental truck, and hopefully do the big move with movers mid-April.

I am both excited and dreading the move. Excited because this will be our home for a good number of years and I can finally do things that I’ve been wanting to do forever (gardening and composting! have a real work space set up! decorate like an adult and no more tacks in the walls! cook and entertain again! pick out adult furniture!) but acknowledging that it’s going to be months until we’re truly settled in and that by the time we are, kiddo #2 will be making an appearance thus causing more life adjustment, and that it will probably be 4-5 years until we have the time and money to make things “just so”. Also, my personal creative work will be even more sporadic with new house and new baby for at least the next two years. All happy things, to be sure, and thankfully my day job is a very creative and fulfilling one (and also letting me bring the baby for at least the first several  months, so that’s such a relief in my mind), but I still have that inner artist-child going “but…but…but…”, and all I can do is tell it that I will nurture it where I can but we’ve been through this upheaval before and it’s definitely worth it.

Anyway, I’m in my happy planning stages right now. I’ve got a slew of paint chips to take with me when we go out later today to start cleaning, I’ll bring a notebook and go room by room to list ideas and maybe even bring graph paper to sketch out the room dimensions so I can play with furniture arrangement before we get the movers in. Then it’s deciding which projects we’re going to tackle in the next couple of weeks and which ones we’ll spread out over the next months. Because I’m the type, I’m also going to be researching all of the things you’re supposed to do as homeowners each season and make sure we schedule them and developing a plan with my husband to keep this big ol’ 1880s house in good shape.

I guess you should expect the same kind of sporadic updates I’ve been doing for a while. Hopefully I still keep some of you around!


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