I’m Tired…

I’m tired of living in a world of hypocrisy, where the violence of one group is held up and examined and feared while the violence of another (often the initiators) are ignored. Where we sympathize for some because they’re like us but write off the rest as being unimportant.

I’m tired of the number of mind-controlled people who cannot or will not be shaken out of the  spells they have allowed themselves to fall under and set themselves free because they fear the burden of responsibility and the amount of work that follows.

I’m tired of greed and materialism, of feeling the constant societal pressure to acquire more and more.

I’m tired of the hatred on all sides, at all levels, from the warmongers safely pushing their buttons in a control room to the parents that abuse their children.

I’m tired of caring about people who show little care for themselves.

I’m tired of constantly feeling on the outside of almost everyone else.

I’m tired of wondering if my children will have any kind of future, even as I build what I hope to be a nurturing and bountiful life for them. It seems futile to hope for the best while planning for the worse.

I’m tired of being tired…


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