They Will Try to Take Your Voice

There is a ton of negativity rising up, a backlash against the tides that are turning. I’m finding normally open-minded and intelligent people suddenly publicly calling for the eradication or imprisonment of those who disagree with them, people rubbing other people’s faces in the outcomes of events on both a national and personal level, people shouting others down and losing even more of their ability to listen, people clinging even tighter to their belief structures (of all sorts) and being angry at people who disagree with them. It is, I think, a necessary purging, but there is danger in the air. I’ve retreated inward, as you can tell from my absence posting here. My personal social networking has been light in tone, kept to happy personal tidbits and work-related postings and not even touching on larger topics or pointing out other’s hypocrisy when I am normally quick to do so. It’s a tricky time to engage others right now.

That being said, I had to write this down. Yes, some of what is happening is a natural purging as energy is shifting in the world, but there is also those behind the scenes trying to manipulate that for their own means. And one of the best tools they have is to take away your ability to choose and your ability to feel and your ability to speak about your choices and what you feel. They will try to take your voice, either by tricking you into false dichotomies and group labels, or by forcing you to be so overworked or worn down that you can’t think. They will try to trick you and trap you, but you have the power to walk out of the trap. It is difficult, it can be painful and exhausting, but the power is there within you. Move from your heart. Heal yourself as best you can. And step outside the game as much as possible. Do it for yourself, and then do it for your loved ones, and then do it for the human race as a whole. It’s time to step into yourself, no matter how frightening and intimidating that is. And then help others do the same.

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