Little Boy Blue – a poem

Posting this poem yet again because again it is sadly appropriate. And I am sick of it.


Little Boy Blue

Oh little boy blue,
Playing with a gun,
Don’t you know someone
Once held you for her own?
Carried you for nine months,
Then rocked you for more?
Can you even understand
How you made her heart soar?

Oh little boy blue,
In your uniform so dark,
When you go about your work,
The stains never leave a mark.
You stand before your family,
Your chin lifted in pride.
The shine on your badge
Can’t hide the darkness inside.

Oh little boy blue,
How can you sleep at night?
Do you truly believe that
‘Might makes right’?
Your anger and aggression
Causes blood to pour.
Do you even know
Who you’re fighting for?

Oh little boy blue,
Your friends call you out to play.
Now you’re hunting in a pack
Each and every day.
Didn’t your mother teach you
Not to always follow the crowd?
Is there ever an end
To the violence you’re allowed?

Oh little boys in blue,
Playing with your guns,
Don’t you realize we’re all
Someone’s daughters and sons?

Copyright 2015, Kat Micari

4 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue – a poem

    • Oh, I haven’t been on my Facebook page in a long time, have I? I had to get a new laptop because my old one died, hence the slow updates period, and I’ve only been checking my work accounts. I’ll try to check now though!

      • Your most recent posts I was missing anyway: Fanily sufferring Illness/Death, simultaneous hospitalization for me, and (abstaining from) Social Networking Addiction are my excuses for missing your work!

        Anyway, you & your creations are the coolest! Hearing your music someday would be the best. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much. πŸ™‚ And I’m sorry for the rough times for you. There is so much tumultuous happenings right now.

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