Thrifting Treasures

I don’t talk about it much here, but I love the style of old things. I’m much more inclined to a vintage aesthetic than an ultra-modern one. I also like mixing items together from different periods in different ways. In fact, I wear vintage clothes a lot, and mix vintage with new all the time. And many of our furniture pieces are antiques – either inherited from family or found in thrift shops and yard sales. I like that each piece has a history to it, and I also really like the idea of using something to it’s full purpose rather than throwing things away for not fitting current trends. When I do buy new, I tend to lean towards more classic styles built for sustainability so again we can get years of use out of them.

This weekend, we went to Rummage Heaven in a rural area by us, and we were able to get several new pieces for our house (which will help us unpack a few more boxes and get organized). All three for just over $100.

The first is this adorable piece that fits perfectly outside our upstairs bathroom. There is a little storage box in front of the mirror.


The second is this vintage toy chest, which we will put in either the living room or the baby’s room. I’m not sure why there is a number 2 on it, but it’s really cute.


The last thing we bought is a piano bench for my upright piano. I didn’t take a picture of it, as it has been painted black and will eventually need to be stripped and stained to match my piano, and it also is slightly too tall so we’re going to saw a bit off the bottom and then finish it so it is where it needs to be.

Everything is in really great condition, though, and I know we’ll be heading back as we’re ready to add more pieces to our home.


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