Volunteering Options?

For those still reading this sporadically updating blog, I am asking for some ideas. I have always regretted the fact that my career ate up so much of time that I never had many extra hours for helping the community, the environment, or individuals in need other than the occasional donation or spreading the word on events, etc. I justified the lack of time by saying I was helping people through my art, but that has always felt a cop out to me. Not to denigrate the time I spent creating. Just, there has to be some kind of balance.

So now I have time, and I also have two children that I want to learn to give back and get involved. Only caveat is that it would have to be an organization I believe is doing a maximum amount of good for the money it brings in and also not spreading hatred (so no pink ribbons or Salvation Army). I have some local activist and charitable groups to look into. But I’m looking for suggestions from all of you. What are baby-friendly volunteering options? Options that I could potentially bring a 5 to 6 year old along during school breaks? Give me some inspiration and directions to research!


4 thoughts on “Volunteering Options?

  1. If you like to craft, knitting or crocheting mittens, hats and scarves to donate to the poor is something seasonal and that can be done at home.

    Finding a local beach or park and spending a monthly afternoon collecting garbage is a good way to give, and get exercise.

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