A Path for 2017

Every year since 2010, rather than write a list of resolutions, I’ve tried to focus on one major self-improvement task and set myself creative goals. I’ve found it immensely helpful. You can read the past several years here, here, here, and here.

This year is the most difficult one I’ve yet to face in a long time. Everything is still in a state of flux. How will earning the money to live on work for myself and my husband going forward? Who will be the primary caregiver to our daughter? What kind of time and energy will be left for creative projects, and in what direction do I want to go creatively and business-wise? How will that balance with creating a more sustainable life for myself and my family physically, mentally, and emotionally? It’s a lot to sort out.

My big goal for the year is to let myself play more – play with my kids, get outside, make art and music and write purely for the joy of it instead of for the finished product. I need to in order to refill my creative well and have the energy to then pour into other people and the world. And that means not taking on too much of a load for myself going forward, which is what I did that contributed to my crashing.

It rings hollow to wish people a Happy New Year when so many are not in a good place right now, but I say it to you anyway. Wherever you are, whatever state you are in at the moment, I hope you can find at least small ways to be happy.


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