The Hatred and Fear Behind Bigotry

I wound up in a comment chain last week that was attached to an editorial cartoon and a bigot was attempting to put forth “logical” arguments for taking a pro-white stance on all matters (it’s evidently all a matter of tribalism, and whites who are for equality have just been brainwashed to think this way, y’all). Because of course, everything comes down to self-interest in our me-first world, and people can’t possibly have empathy toward every human being because to do so is unnatural. And in the midst of his very long-winded though actually well-thought out in a closed loop way arguments was the statement that what other races want is the destruction of the white race. Complete annihilation. He used the word genocide somewhere in there as well. And said that all that is wanted is for people to break into tribes again, and if the white tribe just happens to have a bigger slice than all the other tribes combined, it was natural selection, etc.

It suddenly dawned on me why it is so difficult to get through to bigots. They are literally afraid of becoming not just obsolete, not just losing power, but of losing EVERYTHING. They are walking around full of hate because in essence they’re concerned that their pure-blooded great granddaughter may not have the option of a purely white man to reproduce with. Which is such a crazy fear to me, because these are also generally the people who don’t give a crap about the environment, which is also important for their great granddaughter, nor are they particular concerned about investing back into either the population or the infrastructure of our country, which again seems kind of important for future generations. The kind of mental gymnastics that has to be done to justify clinging to these fears is astounding, honestly.

As far as the tribal aspects go, there are hereditary traits we carry. There are also personal preferences we all have, as far as who we want to mate with and what makes us comfortable. For example, I am attracted to men. I find women the more beautiful of the two genders from an artistic/aesthetic viewpoint, but definitely am biologically attracted to men. When it comes to potential mates, though, I have to be connected mentally. If there’s no stimulation in the mind, there isn’t going to be any stimulation for me anywhere else, if you know what I mean.  But here’s a good measure of whether something is a personal preference and whether something is a prejudice – it’s a prejudice if you dehumanize anyone who doesn’t meet your preference, or if you want your preferences put onto everyone in the society you live and get angry when society doesn’t live up to your personal preferences.

So maybe yes, tribalism worked for us when we were just starting to come into groups. But to think that it still serves a purpose is so short-sighted. It is giving in to the scarcity mindset that those really in control put on us. It’s us or them but the only people really winning are those above it all pushing the buttons.

Realizing how deep the fear runs will change my approach when I’m forced into interactions with bigoted people in the future. I won’t tolerate the actions taken out of fear, but I will come from a place of sympathy toward the fear and division that runs deep inside. And I will use my white privilege to engage these people when I can and attempt to educate them on the way we’re all interconnected and convince them to lay aside the fear that is at the root of their hatred. I probably won’t break through to many, but maybe I can to a few.


3 thoughts on “The Hatred and Fear Behind Bigotry

  1. A few points:

    One, from what little you’ve written about the conversation, I’d say that there’s little wrong with the “bigot’s” position based upon the data that we all hear on an almost daily basis. The non-Whites, especially the Blacks, and their White enablers do want the destruction of the White race or, at least the marginalization of our culture and the financial and social subjugation of us…or so the rhetoric of most Blactivists and White Liberals tell us.

    Two, the “bigot” unknowingly sounds like the White version of many of the Blacktivists and the members of the “Black Community.” They too – normally with impunity from criticism by their White enablers such as yourself – speak of destruction of their “race” and genocide, and they too are often dead set against their women maybe “having” to marry and reproduce with a non-Black. Also, only the Blacks have phrases like: “Not Black Enough,” “Too White,” “Oreo,” and “Code Switching.”

    Three, your preference vs. prejudice dichotomy isn’t even accepted on your side of the fence. If a White has a preference that isn’t “acceptable” – and nothing seems to be acceptable – it’s considered a prejudice by too many, further evidence of the validity of point one, the intended or desired genocide, at least cultural, of Whites.

    It leaves out the many of us who don’t want our preferences put onto everyone in the society but do expect those preferences, when normative or an intrinsic part of our culture and nation, to be considered the norm and the not violating- or being antithetical to them to be prerequisites for full acceptance and success. Most of us don’t really care how others act or live as long as we aren’t subjected to it and never forced to make allowances for it.

    Essentially, tribal is tribal irrespective of the races involved. Yet, you’ll likely see it growing stronger among Whites – up to Black levels most likely – because we’ve been for decades the only tribe that is systematically attacked for that tribalism, whereas non-Whites, especially Blacks, have been lauded for it.

    • Thank you for your long response.

      I would like to clarify my “preference” verses “prejudice” point and say that the dividing line is whether or not you dehumanize the people who don’t fit into your type. It’s one thing to only want to date/reproduce with someone of your ilk and another to then expect the rest of society to fit in with that model. Individual rights stop when those rights begin to infringe on the individual rights of others, and if it makes someone angry enough to hurl expletives/rocks/etc to see two people walking down the street holding hands or to see a family that isn’t like the “preferred” family, then the problem is on the individual violating the rights of the couple or the family, not on the couple or the family for being “other”.

      The real issue is that we operate as individual consciences on this planet but we also operate as a collective conscience. All of us, all together, whether we want to or not, contribute to this collective conscience. We co-create the reality we live in. So it seems to me that living in an “either/or” mentality that is based on fear severely limits both the individual and the collective. And it allows others to prey on that fear, whether that be politicians, companies trying to sell crap, religions of all types, shadowy figures on top of it all, what-have-you.

      I would be interested to see the data and stats that you mention in the first part of your response, and I also would like to know specifically which marginalizations and subjugations you most worry about, if you don’t mind sharing.

      • @jonolan, in contrast to your concept of intraracism in the American Black community, e.g. “Not Black Enough,” “Too White,” etc.

        The classic “Brown Paper Bag Test:” if you want to go out with our “black” kid, your “black” skin must still be lighter & fairer than this brown bag.Literally, a contrast at odds with “Too White.” Plus all of the hair relaxing & flatironing to undo the natural appearance of “ethnic” hair.

        Black & White chess. And, Checkmate. 😂

        Love & God bless you both. Good night. 😴

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