Doctor Dragged from United Flight And the Greater Metaphor

There is the shocking footage currently circulating of the doctor that was dragged from a United Airlines flight due to overbooking. You can see the New York Times article here. And people filmed it, people verbally protested the man being dragged, but not one person moved to intervene. And following the incident, everyone, including the doctor, got back on the flight. This boggles my mind, because I would not go anywhere with that particular crew given that they clearly showed what they truly think of the passengers.

For me, I immediately imagined myself in that situation, or being at home and watching my neighbors be violently dragged away by “the authorities” for no reason whatsoever. And I honestly don’t know. One person against several are not decent odds. But an entire plane-full? Why didn’t they collectively demand a different crew, demand their money, demand for lawyers to be brought to the airport? It didn’t have to be a violent uprising, but some kind of uprising would be more respectful. We’ve been treated like livestock by the plane industry for years, but this really surprised me. Yet another sign of how complacent we’ve all become.

So here we stand, on the brink of yet another unjust war fought over oil on a foreign field that we helped set the stage for, that the powers that be have been manipulating and trying to accomplish for years. And we may loudly protest what will come, but will any of us actually try to stop them? Will we stop giving our power over? I don’t know.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Dragged from United Flight And the Greater Metaphor

  1. Instability is key to keeping oil and gas prices artificially high for oil companies and oil producing countries. If we all just turned the news off they wouldn’t us in such a cramp about what is being played out on the global stage

    • It has been equal parts fascinating and horrifying to me to study the military history of the United States from post-WWII and on and to connect the dots from our moneyed interests in the area to the battles being overtly and covertly fought. Also to realize we haven’t stopped being at war for a very long time, even when we don’t officially call it “war”. The fact that we’re tolerating such treatment on our own citizens and own selves by a company, let alone by our police and military, is the shocking part of this to me.

      And I agree about turning the news off. Turning most TV off, actually. We have Netflix and the Internet and a collection of DVDs and that’s fine with us. I try to stay aware of what’s going on so I know what I’m dealing with but I have learned not to let myself get sucked in by the fear-mongering. I do sometimes get caught up reading comments after news articles though, and that makes me lose hope for humanity like nothing else! šŸ˜‰

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