I’m So Very Very Tired…

Cue Madeline Kahn. If I ever decided to pursue a career in acting, my goal would be to follow in Madeline Kahn’s footsteps.

But seriously, I’m so tired. My 9 month old has been going through a sleep regression for weeks now. And the lack of sleep is taking a huge toll on me emotionally and physically. I’ve been suffering a severe lack of “me” time, either to relax and self-care or to create. We know what we signed up for as parents, especially being the second time around, but it’s still not easy. I pity those who are chronic insomniacs.

I’m also tired in the sense I blogged about last spring. You can read it here. More people seem to be growing aware of the bigger picture, that change is needed, but will it be enough?

And really, I’m so tired of being strong. Strength of will, strength of character, a pillar of strength, a warrior woman, juggling it all… Β Is it strength to do what you feel you have to do? I don’t know.

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t start this blog until after my son was a year and a half years old. He was a terrible sleeper and I was a “mombie” for a long time. A couple of weeks at a time with his sister doesn’t seem half bad by comparison.

I’ll be back to normal soon, I hope. I feel like I’ll be emerging from my cocoon soon.


8 thoughts on “I’m So Very Very Tired…

  1. Oh, my goodness, you’re nearing the end of the worst and imho you will look back and wonder how you did it. My girlies are 14 and 10 now and I can ask them to get it for them selves. That me. time is so precious.

    • It definitely happens in the blink of an eye. I try to treasure all the moments I can, and it definitely helps that babies are as cute as they are. The laughs and hugs and kisses make up for all the lack of sleep.

    • Sorry, that high-strung Blarus got into my account again by accident. Having sufferred sleep deprivation before myself Kat, how much I wish I knew how to support you through this. Even for me who’s worked too hard to be a loving & caring rock for others during his own sleep deprivation, and like you Kat, often neglecting oneself to susrain their stability… it’s a different playing field. Seeking to support a close friend during her daughter’s sleep regression, & later that same friend’s intrinsic insomnia challenges while still a mother… her challenges were beyond my own: I’m not a parent. Caregiver to adults, but not a parent. But still Kat, you & my other friend K, you two deserve to meet, that much I can definitely say.

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