My Time of Year

The end of August and beginning of September is the time of year that I get super productive and active. My motivation goes into full throttle, I accomplish a lot through the autumn months, and then it begins to wane in December as we approach the shortest day of the year.

I wonder if it’s biological – if my DNA remembers ancestors of mine gathering the harvest and preparing for winter. Or maybe it’s because my birthday is at the end of August, and this is “my” time. Or perhaps it’s merely Pavlovian with my years and years of starting school at this time, with all the preparation that went with it. Whatever the reason, and it may very well be all three honestly, I love this time. I love starting new projects and  recommitting myself to whatever ongoing projects I’m working on, I love the bustle and activity, I love the feelings I get running through my veins as the quality of the sunlight shifts and autumn starts to show itself.

Do you have a certain time of year that feels like yours?


2 thoughts on “My Time of Year

  1. For me it’s winter. I live in a wooded area by a lake, so the rest of the year I want to be outside. But when it starts getting cold I start settling in for the winter and get some serious work done.

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