Choices – a poem



When the last bit of green
And the air grows
Too heavy and thick
To breathe,
Will we still keep
Our social anxieties,
Worried what others
Believe we should be?

As we struggle for mere
And clean water and food
Become increasingly scarce,
Will we cling to our
Control systems and
Monetary slavery
As we watch others
Drop around us?

If we get less of what
We need to live,
How soon til we grow
Even more dulled
And easily led?
When is it enough?
Or is it never enough?

When the Earth is
Finally dead,
And we’ve collectively
Every square inch of her,
What then?

We must evolve
Or perish.
Neither option comfortable,
But one so much more
Than the other.
The choice is collective,
And choosing nothing
Is to choose
Giving up.

Copyright 2019, Kat Micari


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