5 thoughts on “Learning the Uke with PD songs – Happy Days

  1. [I can’t see how to send you a private message so feel free to read & delete rather than post in your comments.]
    Hi Kat, I’ve seen a couple of your uke videos on here & the same thing has struck me each time – you’re doing well teaching yourself but might benefit from using a metronome, as you speed up & slow down a lot as you reach the difficult parts in every song. If you use a metronome (plenty of online sites / apps) to learn to play at a steady speed, you can find a tempo that is slow enough to play the entire tune in & it will make your playing more even as you can keep to a nice gentle pace from the outset (nerves always makes folk play more quickly anyway). You can also use it to concentrate on just the small sections you are finding hardest & get them more up to speed which will improve your playing more than wading through the whole piece each time you practice, then you’ll hopefully find the whole song easier to play overall at the end when you record. Hope that they are helpful tips for you.
    Good luck & happy strumming! Jeanette

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I do slow down with the parts I stumble over. It’s honestly a tendency I do when I play and sing on the piano as well, because I don’t often have the luxury of sitting down for a full practice, instead grabbing 5 or 10 minutes here and there between chasing after my kids or taking 15 min after cleaning up when they go to bed. I will try the metronome when I can and see if it helps! I think a lot of it stems from my frustration at wanting to be further along than I am, but since I haven’t even had the instrument 2 months yet, I should be taking it slower. :-p

      • I know it’s hard and I can tell you’re pushing yourself to progress. I’m glad you’ve taken my friendly constructive suggestion in the right manner. When I’m back home I’m dig out a link to a nice Musical U article about increasing practice efficiency, as time is such a crucial thing for everyone 🙂

      • Hi Kat – This may prove interesting to you, as you may glean a few insights of ways to squeeze out more from your precious practice time between your many other commitments – if you go onto this Musical U article (& probably others too), you get a message at the top of the page offering ‘…a Free Guide to Learning Music Faster… the 6 breakthrough concepts that can dramatically accelerate your music learning.’: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/how-to-improve-your-rhythm-and-timing/ . They email you a link to a useful PDF containing lots of different proven effective practice strategies to speed up learning – it’s a topic they’ve been covering in a lot of their weekly podcasts & other articles lately & this is a good summary.

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