The Mess in the U.S.

I like the title. It has a nice ring to it.

I do not like how 2021 is starting with violence from the Trump cult. I have often wondered what would bring people to the brink of revolution in this country, and I am so embarrassed that it is requiring people to wear masks in public during an epidemic and the worship of a narcissist that has done so.

Believe me, I want freedom, but true freedom means being able to accept the responsibility of self-governance. All rights come with responsibilities. All actions and spoken words have consequences (and if you want to get metaphysical, a whole lot thoughts have consequences as well). There are not enough people who understand this at a deep enough level yet. I don’t know if we will ever get to that level before we self-annihilate. So we have to make the best with what we have, somehow, and continue to work on ourselves and help the people around us work on themselves. Help lift people up. But also, don’t allow other people to tear people down. There is such a disconnect between what people do and what people claim they want. It’s dangerous and disheartening.

The biggest way to fix the world right now. Hold yourself accountable. Hold everyone in your life accountable. And figure out a way to hold those in power accountable. Every day, in every interaction with another human being. Be willing to tell people when they do something completely unacceptable. It’s really hard to do, but if enough start doing it, then the majority of our problems as a society will be almost instantaneously solved.

I am linking again to my song “You” over on Youtube.

And I’m posting my poem Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam again, that I wrote back in 2017.

Lady Libery and Uncle Sam

Lady Liberty weeps
In the corner on the floor,
Torch extinguished.
Uncle Sam says
“Smile! Don’t you know
You are so much
When you smile?
I can’t abide
Your ugliness.”
“Oh Sammy,” Liberty wails,
“Your games have gone
Too far,
And I feel such pain
That smiling is an
“You’re too temperamental,”
Uncle Sam replies.
“You let your
Get the best of you.
Swallow it down, like me,
Until you are
Numb inside.”
Standing, Liberty shouts.
“No, I won’t allow myself
To become internally
Nor will I hide
From the truth.
You have done terrible things,
And my name no longer means
What it did.
Payment is coming due, Sammy,
And I fear it has all been for nought.”
Uncle Sam snaps
And knocks Lady Liberty
To the ground.
“You’re a bitch and a whore.
How dare you question
My authority?
I know better than you
The way to control
These masses.
Fear and pain
Are tools of the trade.
Get used to it.”
He looks at her and laughs.
“You may be stupid,
But I’ll keep you around,
As long as you’re leashed.
I like that you
Do my feeling
For me.”
Lady Liberty rises once again
And lights her torch anew.
Calmly, gently, she sets
Uncle Sam ablaze.
“There are times,”
She muses to herself,
“That you just need to
Start over.”

Copyright 2017, Kat Micari

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