Sign a Friend’s Petition Please!

My friend’s young daughter was forced to be overheated in a very hot classroom because of strict “no spaghetti straps” rules, and in the process was shamed for “the strap maybe slipping and showing her chest”, and now my friend wants to work to change the dress code in the school. If you have a chance, can you sign it? will promote it for free if she gets about another 100 signatures.

It is utterly ridiculous in this day and age for young girls to be shamed in this way because they could potentially distract the male students. The onus of control is on the one who is feeling any sexual urges, not on the object of desire, regardless of how one sexually identifies. It is especially disgusting that it is going on at the elementary level.

2 thoughts on “Sign a Friend’s Petition Please!

  1. My comment to the teachers and administrators would be, “Why are you sexualizing a child? Maybe you should seek counseling for that. In the meantime, I’m pulling my child from this school because I clearly cannot trust the adults to NOT sexualize little girls”.

    Or something to that effect. Wow, what a loser school administration. I’m sorry your friend’s daughter had to deal with that.

    • Thank you. I found out actually that my sister had a similar situation happen in the 9th grade when my mom had to go pick her up from school for wearing a tank top (I was already away at school so don’t think I heard about it). It’s crazy because I know I wore sundresses with spaghetti straps to high school just a few years before. There seemed to be this big swing post 9/11 toward conservatism and anti-feminism, and it is sad that twenty years later we are still suffering the consequences of that swing.

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