Changes Yet Again

I’m working on a movie for the next several weeks. Started last week. It was a last minute opening to be assistant costume designer, and meant that we had to buy a second car very quickly. My niece is watching my kids for the first three weeks, and we are trying to sort out what we will do for childcare from then until school starts. My first week went very smoothly. I feel like I am learning so much, I’m very glad that I’m not the one in charge because of how many people there are and how many changes for each, and I now have the opportunity to try to join the union. So that’s exciting. It’s my second feature that I’m working on, my first on the creative rather than the technical side of costuming.

My kids have so far adapted fine to being away from me, which is good. It will probably be tougher the weeks I won’t be around for bedtime, but it’s one of those opportunities that when the universe opens up for you, you should take it and be grateful. I didn’t expect to open up quite so quickly career-wise as my youngest enters grade school, but that just means I need to be picky and choosy about which jobs I take in the future. If I can swing one or two films a year and design a few theatrical shows, and still be home most of the time to get the kids off the bus, then maybe I can have the best of both worlds and let my guilt and stress melt away. We shall see, though.

I was just working through many of my creative blocks when this opportunity came, which is good but also means I have to put a lot of the projects on hold that I was looking forward to working on. I’m hoping I can smoothly move into indie creator mode in September once the film is done. In the meantime, I do have some poems to post, and maybe I can sneak updating my gallery pages finally during a meal break at some point. We shall have to see. I have my weekends, but those are for family time and for trying to rest. But I would like to be sharing stuff again. It’s funny how that part of creating comes in waves for me.

Anyway, I’m having an adventure! Getting to have adult conversation every day and be around a plethora of creative and hard working people in person. It’s inspirational and feels good.

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