An Open Letter – by Kat Micari

I am slowly processing what happened in Texas, and I feel this poem is relevant yet again. I have some newer thoughts than this poem I wrote 8 years ago obviously, but the core feeling behind it is still the same.

Last time I posted this back in 2019, I had someone take offense to my illustration because they were made uncomfortable by the nudity of the pregnant woman and felt her overtly sexualized. I don’t see overt sexualization, and that wasn’t the intent, but if you do feel uncomfortable by it, I would invite you to sit in that discomfort for at least a moment and ask yourself why. It is through feeling small moments of unease that we can really get to the core of our inner selves and remain true to what is important to us. And that makes it so much more difficult for others to take control of our minds and hearts.

Kat Micari

Vessels, a black and white pen and ink illustration with nude pregnant woman in profile sitting next to cracked large vase, art from The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent by Kat Micari

An Open Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not a cow
Nor a pig
Nor your slave.
I am not chattel.

My womb is my own.
I have felt the quicksilver movement
Of early life within.
Life I created with my partner.
Not you.
Life I nurtured, that I endured hardship for,
By my choice.

It is true that
Women are vessels
For unborn children.
But if something is wrong with a vessel
Or what is stored in the vessel,
What would you do?
If you had a clay pot with cracks in it,
Would you try to store water?
Or would you dump out the water
And patch the cracks
Before trying to use the pot again?
If you had grain stored in that same pot,
And it became moldy,
Would you keep the grain in that pot
Until it returned to dirt?
Or would you throw…

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Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead, a poem

It feels appropriate to be sharing this poem again.

I really hate the “don’t speak ill” mindset. Though since many can’t be honest with themselves about their own lives, how can I blame them for wanting to cover the filth in others? I suppose it’s about a difference in scale though.

Kat Micari

Don’t speak ill of the dead
Or of the lies they said
Be ready to forgive it all
Don’t challenge their glory
The official story
Is all that you need to recall

Don’t speak ill of the dead
Forget all the bloodshed
And the dirty deeds they have done
Feel deep shame and remorse
For questioning their course
And the wars that they have begun

Don’t speak ill of the dead
Give thanks to them instead
And wipe the slate clean of the past
Don’t you dare to bother
On sins of the father
Or the legacy that will last

Don’t speak ill of the dead
Or think what lies ahead
Just keep on shedding those sad tears
Keep it all buried deep
Keep on acting like sheep
And don’t worry about your fears

Copyright 2018, Kat Micari

Can you guess whose death this was written in response to?


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The Mess in the U.S.

I like the title. It has a nice ring to it.

I do not like how 2021 is starting with violence from the Trump cult. I have often wondered what would bring people to the brink of revolution in this country, and I am so embarrassed that it is requiring people to wear masks in public during an epidemic and the worship of a narcissist that has done so.

Believe me, I want freedom, but true freedom means being able to accept the responsibility of self-governance. All rights come with responsibilities. All actions and spoken words have consequences (and if you want to get metaphysical, a whole lot thoughts have consequences as well). There are not enough people who understand this at a deep enough level yet. I don’t know if we will ever get to that level before we self-annihilate. So we have to make the best with what we have, somehow, and continue to work on ourselves and help the people around us work on themselves. Help lift people up. But also, don’t allow other people to tear people down. There is such a disconnect between what people do and what people claim they want. It’s dangerous and disheartening.

The biggest way to fix the world right now. Hold yourself accountable. Hold everyone in your life accountable. And figure out a way to hold those in power accountable. Every day, in every interaction with another human being. Be willing to tell people when they do something completely unacceptable. It’s really hard to do, but if enough start doing it, then the majority of our problems as a society will be almost instantaneously solved.

I am linking again to my song “You” over on Youtube.

And I’m posting my poem Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam again, that I wrote back in 2017.

Lady Libery and Uncle Sam

Lady Liberty weeps
In the corner on the floor,
Torch extinguished.
Uncle Sam says
“Smile! Don’t you know
You are so much
When you smile?
I can’t abide
Your ugliness.”
“Oh Sammy,” Liberty wails,
“Your games have gone
Too far,
And I feel such pain
That smiling is an
“You’re too temperamental,”
Uncle Sam replies.
“You let your
Get the best of you.
Swallow it down, like me,
Until you are
Numb inside.”
Standing, Liberty shouts.
“No, I won’t allow myself
To become internally
Nor will I hide
From the truth.
You have done terrible things,
And my name no longer means
What it did.
Payment is coming due, Sammy,
And I fear it has all been for nought.”
Uncle Sam snaps
And knocks Lady Liberty
To the ground.
“You’re a bitch and a whore.
How dare you question
My authority?
I know better than you
The way to control
These masses.
Fear and pain
Are tools of the trade.
Get used to it.”
He looks at her and laughs.
“You may be stupid,
But I’ll keep you around,
As long as you’re leashed.
I like that you
Do my feeling
For me.”
Lady Liberty rises once again
And lights her torch anew.
Calmly, gently, she sets
Uncle Sam ablaze.
“There are times,”
She muses to herself,
“That you just need to
Start over.”

Copyright 2017, Kat Micari

Signed Poetry Collections Pre-Order

I had someone request a few signed copies of my Little Book of Love to give as gifts, so I am opening the opportunity for everyone to get signed copies of either or both poetry collections! Price will be $9 for the Little Book of Insurrection (b&w illustrations) and $13 for the Little Book of Love (color illustrations), which includes shipping to the continental US. For both, an even $20. If you are ordering multiple copies or live outside the country, I will figure out shipping for you. I want to be flexible on shipping costs, so email me at with how many you want of each and your address, and I will invoice you via Paypal for a fair shipping/handling fee. I am placing the order this Friday, October 9th, 2020.

The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent would be good reading for right now. It encourages thinking for ourselves and questioning the status quo. The Little Book of Love or the Poetry of My Transformation contains 12 poems concerning various types or stages of romantic love, and how love can be a powerful agent for change when you let it be.

You can read the full descriptions at Amazon.

Finished Humpty Dumpty Illustration

This is somehow strangely feeling relevant right now.

Kat Micari

Donald Trump as Humpty Dumpty standing on a wall with barbed wire, two skeletons in the background, made with watercolors, copyright 2019 Kat MicariThis illustration is the big one I’ve been working on all year. I’m excited it’s done! It’s the accompanying piece to the poem Humpty Dumpty’s Reign which I posted at the end of last year, and I added an extra stanza to it this summer. I’m posting it again below.

Humpty Dumpty’s Reign

Humpty Dumpty crowned himself king

He said “It really don’t mean a thing!

Cuz you’ve been serfs for years

So forget all your fears

And keep pretending freedom will ring.”

Humpty Dumpty wanted a wall,

And to get it, he had the actual gall

To shout “Let’s get the ball rollin’!”

And try to use capital stolen

From people who have no will left to stall

Humpty Dumpty let humans be caged.

Children wailing, parents enraged.

He thought them unequal at best,

More like an animal or pest.

Using them to keep his supporters assuaged.

Humpty Dumpty…

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Learning the Uke – Hold Me

This is my attempt to play and sing Hold Me, a popular early 1920’s fox trot. The chord changes are quite difficult, and I have had more fun playing this on the piano, but I am happy to have learned a lot of new chords on the ukulele with this one. Now to just get my fingers to move faster.

I know I haven’t been posting these as fast as I’d like. I’m going to try to be a little more vigilant, but with both kids being home for the near future with the self isolation, I don’t have enough time for a lot of personal projects. We shall see how it goes in the future. And I am glad to have the extra time with my kiddos, so there is that.

My First Original Song and Musings on The Crazy Times We Are In

I have had a really difficult time trying to contribute creatively in some small way in these times we are in, and I have felt really almost trapped by the weight of everything. Last week, this song came bubbling out of me, and I immediately felt better. So I decided to be brave and share it. I kept it a simple 4 chord progression so I could really focus on the words and message and not worry so much about playing.

When the Black Lives Matter protests first started, I dove into making face masks for the local protesters, both for their protection but also to give the cops one less reason to hassle anyone. I signed petitions, I’ve been reading and educating myself, and I’ve been sharing information on my personal Facebook page, but I had no extra energy for much over here. I considered running a sale on some of my art or poetry collection to raise money for a few different organizations, but I felt like that would be gauche in a way, like I was trying to capitalize on other’s pain. I sketched out a possible big painting to go with my Little Boy Blue poem, but it was truly dark and twisted and something I couldn’t bring myself to start painting. I couldn’t dive deep enough to write any new poems. Everything just hurt too much.

Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. Trans lives matter. Brown babies in cages matter. I hate putting things in dichotomy, but it really does come down to whether you care about other beings on this planet or you don’t. And if you don’t, then I feel sorry for you. Because there is no place in the future of humanity for people who don’t care. Or who care more for being comfortable than whether or not another human is able to live.

Anyway, this song is released under the Creative Commons License – Non Commercial. I’d love to see if anyone else does something fun with it. Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Little Boy Blue poetry reading

Reblogging my poetry reading of Little Boy Blue. My heart has been so sad, but I still believe all this ugliness needs to come to the surface so we can purge it as a society.

Kat Micari

I did another poetry reading on Youtube. It kind of speaks for itself, though again, I felt really awkward doing it, and I also think it’s funny I wore a black and white striped shirt when I recorded this as it’s a poem about police violence. Also, I happened to be wearing a different striped shirt when I recorded the first one. Weird, right?

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