Inspirational Quote

“Magic may be real enough, the magic of a word or an act, grafted upon the invisible influences that course through the material world.” – from Robert Edmund Jones’ The Dramatic Imagination, quote attributed to Santayana.

I rediscovered this quote while reading through some old school papers I wrote back in grad school, and it carries a lot more meaning for me now. I’m hoping maybe it will inspire some of you as well.

Holiday 2020 coupons

It’s been a few years since I’ve even remembered to set up a coupon code, but as 2020 has hit so many people hard, I thought maybe people would appreciate a little extra discount.

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Annual election day posting of the poem “Crumbs”


We squabble over crumbs on the floor

While the big pile of money… oops… food

Sits on the table just out of reach.

We eat self-help slogans

Never acknowledging that this game

Of life is rigged against us.

Slogans offer little sustenance.

We dance as the puppet masters

Pull the strings.

We follow the magicians’

Sleight of hand

And allow ourselves to be astounded

With their misdirection.

We obsess with details

Refusing to ever see the big picture.

And we are amazed that we remain

Forever hungry.

Copyright 2013, Kat Micari

I will post this poem every year until things change in the United States for the better. I feel like this year has allowed more people the time to really reflect on what type of society we should be growing toward. The structures need to be dismantled, and we need to be a population compassionate and active citizens. Will we ever get there? I don’t know.

The Book of My Beloveds

Three of my poems are in this new poetry collection that Esmerelda Little Flame put together – The Book of My Beloveds. It is available on Amazon (both print and digital) and is free to read under Kindle Unlimited, so grab yourself a copy if you are so inclined!

book cover the book of my beloveds by esmerelda little flame

One of my three poems is one that has never been seen elsewhere. I dug deep into my archives!

Esmerelda Little Flame is a truly kind being and has helped me rekindle some of my passion and creativity and magical spark when I needed it. If you are feeling like you need some uplifting, I greatly recommend her work.

Gaslighting and a New Poem

I have been noticing some massive attempts at gaslighting lately, both individually and collectively. I’m not sure if this is strictly a U.S. phenomenon for 2020, so please if you are in another country and have noticed the same thing, let me know.

This is the year where everyone has had to question everything they’ve believed in and stood for, and the people who are on shaky ground because they have built lives of lies and denial are doing everything in their power to avoid having to confront themselves. It is truly mind-boggling to watch the mental gymnastics many have been doing, and the gaslighting is just one more tool at avoidance. I can understand that and sympathize to a certain extent, but I also refuse to tolerate being manipulated or abused, again individually or collectively. The times are changing. More and more people care. And that is how it should be.

We have all been wrong in our lives. We have all made choices that have hurt other people, have hurt ourselves. We are all guilty of being swayed by arguments that line up with what we already prefer to believe. But if we discover we have been or done wrong, then we need to sit in that discomfort, try to correct the mistake to the best of our ability, and then continue on our journey trying to do the best we can in this world. I know that initial discomfort is really scary, but there is so much growth potential there as well.

This is a poem I wrote at the beginning of the month, and I have really been reflecting on it these past few weeks.

Choices The final dialectic. Do you care, or not? There are no shades of gray, And if you can’t Even imagine what life is like For those different from you, Across the world, Or right next door, Then you will find it Increasingly difficult To make your way in Society. A feel sorry for you, In a way, But there is so mcuh At stake here That the pity is Honestly fleeting. Copyright 2020, Kat Micari

“Little Book of Love or the Poetry of My Transformation” Released!

cover image of the little book of love or the poetry of my discontent by kat micari - a red and blue heart

The process took way longer than I thought it would, but the poetry collection is finally released on Amazon and Smashwords. If you’d like an autographed copy, let me know and we can work it out!

I honestly had a really difficult time getting excited about this release. I feel like I should be pushing my other poetry collection “The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent” again with the current state of our country. I’m so angry at the murder of POC by police officers, and I feel like everything is being done to make the common people feel as powerless as possible in the face of everything going on lately. But love is what will let our situation improve, because love is what gives us courage. And we all need courage in the days to come.