Annual election day posting of the poem “Crumbs”


We squabble over crumbs on the floor

While the big pile of money… oops… food

Sits on the table just out of reach.

We eat self-help slogans

Never acknowledging that this game

Of life is rigged against us.

Slogans offer little sustenance.

We dance as the puppet masters

Pull the strings.

We follow the magicians’

Sleight of hand

And allow ourselves to be astounded

With their misdirection.

We obsess with details

Refusing to ever see the big picture.

And we are amazed that we remain

Forever hungry.

Copyright 2013, Kat Micari

I will post this poem every year until things change in the United States for the better. I feel like this year has allowed more people the time to really reflect on what type of society we should be growing toward. The structures need to be dismantled, and we need to be a population compassionate and active citizens. Will we ever get there? I don’t know.

The Book of My Beloveds

Three of my poems are in this new poetry collection that Esmerelda Little Flame put together – The Book of My Beloveds. It is available on Amazon (both print and digital) and is free to read under Kindle Unlimited, so grab yourself a copy if you are so inclined!

book cover the book of my beloveds by esmerelda little flame

One of my three poems is one that has never been seen elsewhere. I dug deep into my archives!

Esmerelda Little Flame is a truly kind being and has helped me rekindle some of my passion and creativity and magical spark when I needed it. If you are feeling like you need some uplifting, I greatly recommend her work.

She Hangs Stars, an abstract painting

she hangs stars by kat micari - blue texture painting

I finished this abstract painting about a month ago, but I had to install my scanning software onto a new laptop since my old one decided to die. I’m hoping to get my gallery pages updated this week at some point.

I’m here and creating when I can. The creativity comes in waves during this social isolation and political turmoil. It’s still been kind of a roller coaster ride emotionally, and there are so many nights that I’m too wiped out after cleaning and prepping prek homeschool for the next day to do anything. But I do what I can. Anyone else feel like they are scraping bottom of the barrel and have been for months? We have to do what we can to refill ourselves, because there isn’t anyone “out there” to do it for us. But it’s a hard task. I find playing creatively is the best means for me to do that though.

The 2020 Parental Whine, a song by Kat Micari

This song sums up what I’ve been feeling the past month and a half, but I feel much better now getting the whine out of my system and being silly while doing it! No joke, I was interrupted by my kids three times while trying to record this, even though I was letting them watch a show they wanted to watch.

These four chord pop songs are fun to play on the uke! It is much easier to focus on the singing when you aren’t fumbling around for the chords as much.

Signed Poetry Collections Pre-Order

I had someone request a few signed copies of my Little Book of Love to give as gifts, so I am opening the opportunity for everyone to get signed copies of either or both poetry collections! Price will be $9 for the Little Book of Insurrection (b&w illustrations) and $13 for the Little Book of Love (color illustrations), which includes shipping to the continental US. For both, an even $20. If you are ordering multiple copies or live outside the country, I will figure out shipping for you. I want to be flexible on shipping costs, so email me at with how many you want of each and your address, and I will invoice you via Paypal for a fair shipping/handling fee. I am placing the order this Friday, October 9th, 2020.

The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent would be good reading for right now. It encourages thinking for ourselves and questioning the status quo. The Little Book of Love or the Poetry of My Transformation contains 12 poems concerning various types or stages of romantic love, and how love can be a powerful agent for change when you let it be.

You can read the full descriptions at Amazon.

Finished Humpty Dumpty Illustration

This is somehow strangely feeling relevant right now.

Kat Micari

Donald Trump as Humpty Dumpty standing on a wall with barbed wire, two skeletons in the background, made with watercolors, copyright 2019 Kat MicariThis illustration is the big one I’ve been working on all year. I’m excited it’s done! It’s the accompanying piece to the poem Humpty Dumpty’s Reign which I posted at the end of last year, and I added an extra stanza to it this summer. I’m posting it again below.

Humpty Dumpty’s Reign

Humpty Dumpty crowned himself king

He said “It really don’t mean a thing!

Cuz you’ve been serfs for years

So forget all your fears

And keep pretending freedom will ring.”

Humpty Dumpty wanted a wall,

And to get it, he had the actual gall

To shout “Let’s get the ball rollin’!”

And try to use capital stolen

From people who have no will left to stall

Humpty Dumpty let humans be caged.

Children wailing, parents enraged.

He thought them unequal at best,

More like an animal or pest.

Using them to keep his supporters assuaged.

Humpty Dumpty…

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Tough Month

This has been a really tough month for me. Adjustments all over the place as my husband started a new job, I took over schooling for my kids (remote schooling for my 9yo and homeschool preK for the 4 yo) while simultaneously trying to get my sewing shop up and running and designing the one production job I have this fall. I’ve had to mourn the passing of a college friend and all the accompanying soul searching that goes with that, especially at a distance during a pandemic. I’ve dealt with a soul betrayal and am having to come to terms with a flaw in myself that I never viewed as a flaw before. My birthday was mediocre and my wedding anniversary almost ignored by both of us until we last minute rallied and made it a good night with fancy take out and such. All this while dealing with the unraveling of the nation and one thing piled on after another socially and collectively. I’ve been trying to participate on the larger stage of life without burning myself out, and I’m still creating where I can because I need to, but I also have had to take my moments to rest where I can as well.

I really still believe that this is a time where everything that was hidden away must come to light. We are balanced between evolution or destruction as a species. Maybe both needs to happen, but that option isn’t a pretty one. It’s really hard not to lose hope in these times, though.

I’m here though. I love. I create. I try every day to be a better person than the day I was before. I try to encourage others to do the same. Maybe that is enough.