Phoenix – a poem

Feeling this poem again lately.

Kat Micari


I once killed a man
With kindness.
Beauty and sweetness
And love
Cut him down
Where he stood.
I was unaware that I even
Had the ability,
But still remained fully culpable,
Reaching into his core with my
Innocent destruction
Of all that he was.

Yet his death
Meant my death.
His transformation, mine.
And two different beings
Stood in our place.
Painful, yes.
Necessary, maybe.
But the act itself was
Entirely thoughtless.

I could do it again,
A thousand times over,
If I were strong enough
To move in full knowledge
Of the ensuing pain
And wise enough
To ask for consent first.
Mutual annihilation
To rebuild in the ashes.

Wisdom carries its own burdens,
And inner truths, once discovered,
Can never be buried again.

Copyright 2014, Kat Micari

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