I Have No Agenda

There are many “how-to” blogs and articles on writing, blogging, creating art, basically anything you can think of under the sun.  And I lump these under two types: the extremely helpful (ie. Photoshop tutorials, constructive advice for building your blog readers, books like “The Artist’s Way”) and the type that prey on your insecurities to “sell” something (I tend to view these as being similar to “get rich quick” or pyramid schemes).  The second type of article tends to greatly annoy me and turn me off.  The author usually comes across as arrogant, with a “my way is the only way” approach in an effort to sell something. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE proponent of self-promotion, but I am also a huge proponent of honesty, and honesty is not something that is always part of marketing a product or service.  And even if someone’s product is amazing, if they come across as sleazy or dishonest, I don’t have any interest in what they are peddling.

So I guess my agenda is honesty.  My goal is to sell you all on being creatively productive instead of being cowed by self-doubt.  To get everyone I touch actively thinking about their lives and the bigger world around them.  When I eventually release my writing, music, and art, if you feel inclined to buy or spread the word of my work, then I will be humbly grateful.  I will promote myself, but I will not resort to sleazy tactics.  If it means I can never quit my day job, then so be it.  My integrity is worth more to me than financial gains, now and forever.