The Importance of Listening to Your Body

So… I came down with a really bad bug over the weekend, almost exactly one year from the time I started getting sick and then pushed myself to keep overworking for a couple of weeks and then literally collapsed. I’m on the mend now, feeling much better today after spending most of yesterday sleeping, but I was silly and started trying to push through Saturday evening and Sunday morning, including taking it upon myself to deep clean my tub so I could take a bath later in the day, and my body just kind of said “nope” Sunday night and I was knocked off my feet for 36 hours. Feeling much better today, with just some lingering sinus fuzzyheadedness and drainage, so thank goodness.

What that means, though, is that last week’s loss of energy and creeping in of self-doubt was mostly due to the bug coming on. I’ve noticed this pattern for a long time now… any time I am in the early stages of getting sick, I get super down about life and really start laying into myself badly. Going forward, I need to pay attention to that and start taking care of myself immediately – get more sleep, eat “clean” (no inflammatory foods), limit caffeine, do some nurturing. Then maybe I won’t need to get knocked down entirely in order to heal.

Our bodies talk to us, and I think, for the most part, we ignore what they say because we want to continue doing what we want to do, regardless of whether it’s good for us. But if all the parts that make us up work together, we’re going to be at our best, which is the happiest way to live life. So duly noted, body, and I will be paying attention to you more closely. I do not ever want a repeat of last year.

We Are Individuals AND We Are One

The growing tension and violence and ignorance has threatened to bring me down recently. It is a palpable energy streaming everywhere that we can either pretend isn’t there and be knocked over, go along with and drown in, or transform into something a little more productive. I choose the transformational process as much as possible, so I am going to share a reality of our lives on this planet that maybe many of you haven’t considered before.

All of humanity is simultaneously an individual being experiencing reality in their own way as well as part of a collective whole. The sooner you can start wrapping your mind around this, the easier your individual life will be and the better you can help other people in the world around you.

The metaphor is this – we are cells on the body of this planet. We all have our own pre-programmed way we’re supposed to be behaving, and all of us are supposed to be working together to make the entire body work. So if you despise a particular group of people and want to commit violent acts on them, if you think an entire race or religion or class of human beings are lower than animals and should be treated cruelly because “they don’t know better”, then that is like being okay with destroying a piece of your own body. And when you ignore the warning signs of, say, white blood cells (read military and police) attacking a certain section of the body that maybe isn’t directly around you, it still spells trouble for you in the long run. If, for the sake of the metaphor, you want to think of yourself as more important, like your a cell in the lung directly responsible for converting air to energy in the body, and the group of people you hate or prefer to ignore are just cells in the tendons of the elbow, you can. But if something is happening to those elbow cells, that’s going to effect you and the way you can operate. It’s going to effect the body as a whole, and that includes you and the limited people that you do manage to care about. That’s how it works. What happens in one section of the world and to one type of person ripples outward to the entirety of the human population.

It’s the macro and micro having to work together. So get started doing the necessary work at both levels.