Art Show Appearance

My husband and I will have a booth at the Baldwinsville Canal Arts Festival this Thursday, July 5th, in Baldwinsville, NY. It’s our first art show in years, and I am excited about it, even though the weather doesn’t look too great as of earlier today. We’re doing it in big part to get to know our local community of artists better. I want to be more active locally.

So if you are in the CNY area, stop out and see me! There will be original art, prints, and books available, as well as some various leftover merchandise from our convention days.


Pratt’s Falls Visit

My family and I took a morning excursion yesterday to Pratt’s Falls, a local county park. This is one of my favorite places to escape to for a little bit, even if it’s just to spend 20 minutes by the falls. Not too far of a drive, and even though I had to work late last night because of it, I needed the time there.


There was still snow around the falls and in the gorge itself, even though the weather has been warm.


The trees are so beautiful. I love the way they intertwine.


And because it is a former mill site, there is some old stonework at the top of the falls.

So now I’m rejuvenated and ready for two and a half weeks of absolute insanity at work. Then maybe I’ll head back here for rejuvenation again.