An Open Letter – by Kat Micari

Vessels, a black and white pen and ink illustration with nude pregnant woman in profile sitting next to cracked large vase, art from The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent by Kat Micari

An Open Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not a cow
Nor a pig
Nor your slave.
I am not chattel.

My womb is my own.
I have felt the quicksilver movement
Of early life within.
Life I created with my partner.
Not you.
Life I nurtured, that I endured hardship for,
By my choice.

It is true that
Women are vessels
For unborn children.
But if something is wrong with a vessel
Or what is stored in the vessel,
What would you do?
If you had a clay pot with cracks in it,
Would you try to store water?
Or would you dump out the water
And patch the cracks
Before trying to use the pot again?
If you had grain stored in that same pot,
And it became moldy,
Would you keep the grain in that pot
Until it returned to dirt?
Or would you throw away the grain
And hope for a better harvest next time?
It is the same for woman and unborn child.

Yes, it is true that
Women are vessels built for bearing children.
But a woman also has free will
And the ability to judge if her body or mind is cracked,
Unable to be used for this purpose.

Again, it is true.
We women are vessels.
Our bodies are designed for carrying children.
And being mostly men, perhaps you don’t understand
The symbiotic nature of mother and unborn child,
The psychological and physical connections that
Manifest itself in strange and wonderful ways.
So you can’t know the torture of carrying a dead or broken child within.
You can’t even begin to empathize.
Why, then, would you think you can decide for us?
Force our bodies to your will?
Lock us away for the crime of being a woman?
Drive us to deeper and darker depths of our souls
In the name of your supposed Christian family values?

I understand that you are afraid,
That the world is shifting around you,
That light is being cast on all the lies you have built your life around.
I understand that you feel your power is slipping
Like sand through your fingers.
It is frightening to have the very core of your being
I understand, and I sympathize,
But I do not tolerate.
Your eyes WILL be opened by Truth.
Your worldview WILL change or you will be drowned in the rising tide.
You will NOT control my body or the bodies of my children.

I am a woman.
I am not a cow,
Nor a pig,
Nor a man.
I am stronger than all of these.
And we will prevail against you.

Image and poem from The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent 

Copyright 2013 Kat Micari

I really hate that this is still relevant in our society.

Humpty Dumpty’s Reign

Humpty Dumpty’s Reign

Humpty Dumpty crowned himself king
He said “It really don’t mean a thing!
Cuz you’ve been serfs for years
So forget all your fears
And keep pretending freedom will ring.”

Humpty Dumpty wanted a wall,
And to get it, he had the actual gall
To shout “Let’s get the ball rollin’!”
And try to use capital stolen
From people who have no will left to stall

Humpty Dumpty spewed out his lies,
Never hearing the people’s painful cries
“It’s as if they’re already dead,
So I’ll ignore the sounds in my head,
And continue to crush them like flies.”

Humpty Dumpty’s fall from grace
Will leave a nation with a big empty space
You can bet the men of power have met
To choose and pull out a new puppet
Thus continuing the system of control apace.

Copyright 2018, Kat Micari

Try Programming Yourself for a Change

We each come into this world pre-programmed a certain way, and like every piece of technology these days, there are settings and preferences that need tweaking and sometimes entire programs need to be deleted. And while our brains aren’t exactly parallel to computers, there are definitely similarities. The question you should be asking yourself is “who is doing the programming in my life?”. Because the truth is we humans are guided and manipulated in both subtle and overt ways on a daily basis – through our friends and family and our enemies, through advertising, through our education, through media consumption of all kinds, through the groups we belong to and give our time to. And the bigger truth is that we don’t have to give other people the reigns. You can program yourself, write your own code and delete the code of others, create yourself anew into the kind of human you want and need to be.

It may sound a little counter-intuitive to my message of creativity to think of yourself as a machine, but it’s a helpful visualization exercise for really taking stock of who you are and the materials you have to work with. One of the things I say a lot is that if you find it difficult to be honest with anyone else, at least be honest with yourself, and this is a very good way of doing so.

So what are my recommended steps for programming yourself?

  1. Acknowledge the fact that you have been programmed. This is very important. Then start to notice the subtle and not-so-subtle tugs at you on both a conscious and unconscious level. You can’t lose the unwanted programming unless you can find where it is.
  2. Decide what your programming switch is going to be for yourself and stick with repeating the message. Don’t try overhauling everything at once, but pick one thing at a time. It can be something simple like removing an unwanted food item from your diet  or choosing to stand up for yourself if you think you’re too meek or setting your inner alarm clock to actually wake you up early enough to write, or tackling bigger issues like looking at yourself in the mirror and loving the body quirks you used to hate (because body image issues are one of the biggest ways we’re manipulated) or taking more control over your own destiny.
  3. Realize that you may feel tugged in two separate directions for a while until your current programming overrides your years (decades?) of previous programming. And realize it’s a constant battle to fight the outside influences. Odd bits of programming may jam their way in, like spyware. So be vigilant about scanning yourself internally every once in a while.

Programming yourself, being your own coder, isn’t about making yourself over into something new. It’s about living up to the potential that exists within and has always been there. It may feel daunting, but it is entirely worthwhile. It is the path to individual freedom.

To Serve and To Protect – A Poem

Reblogging this because it feels important yet again. Same old injustices happening. Are we nearing the breaking point yet?

Kat Micari

To Serve and To Protect

Corruption and hatred
Is the way
To ensure special interests
Remain the same.
Gang violence
And race warfare
Fought in uniform,
Paid for by citizens
Who get neither service
Nor protection.
Only harassment,
Abuse of power,
And the vague feeling
That this has all happened before.
The system is broken,
One could say,
But not for those on top.

Copyright 2014, Kat Micari.

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The Possibility of Change

When I was a pre-teen, my dad had a very cool girlfriend for a brief time. I don’t remember her name at all (Dineen maybe?) because she was too smart and too cool to be with my father for long (don’t get me wrong, I love him but being able to handle a relationship with strong and smart women was not a strong point for my father). The reason I remember this woman though is because she gifted me with a lovely hardcover edition of the first three “So You Want to Be a Wizard?” books by Diane Duane, now called the Young Wizards series. I adored these books, even though they were dated even in the early 1990’s when I was reading it.

Spoiler alert ahead: for me, the most striking moment in the first book is when the lead character gives the villain a chance to return to the light. She doesn’t destroy him because she can’t, she doesn’t force him to change, but she opens up the opportunity for him to change himself if he wants to. And this really is all we can do for one another in this world, isn’t it? And what we can do for ourselves.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing tendency in our society to shut each other down, and, perhaps more detrimental, to shut ourselves down, to the possibility of change and growth. Every time we speak in terms of absolutes, every time we say “it is NEVER okay” or “we must ALWAYS” or “that’s just the way it is and there is no changing it ever” means we are diminishing ourselves and others. Because the truth is, the list of things it is never okay to do or say is very short and can be boiled down to “don’t deliberately hurt other people unless they are threatening you with violence and tyranny”. This would cover torture, rape, mental and physical abuse, murder, child abuse (which I think is the worst crime of all), the massive slaughter of one nation against another, and indeed any general sort of nastiness where one person or group is using their power over another for whatever reason to deliberately prevent them from living life to their potential. But I digress. Bottom line is when we talk in terms of absolutes, even if only for dramatic effect, it cuts off the possibility of change for ourselves and for others. It traps us in a kind of stasis of the here and now, a bubble that is difficult to pop because even though it is just a bubble, it takes on the illusion of an impossibly strong substance the more we believe in the absolutism that we are speaking and feeling. Also, speaking and thinking in terms of absolutes opens ourselves to being controlled by those who play on those absolutes and our fears of moving beyond them.

So I invite you all in the coming months to really think about how you’re phrasing things to yourself and to others. Is an absolute you are speaking really an absolute? Or is it just a way for you to not have to address something that you’d rather not be dealing with and avoid potentially changing your viewpoint? And if you are comfortable with your absolutes, which is your full right to be in, then at least be considerate about not pushing those off on other people and trying to keep them in the slots you’ve decided they should be in. Inner development, growth, and change is what leads to outer development, growth, and change. The possibility of change is what creates hope for a better future for our species, so keep that in mind in your communication with others. The way life opens up when you keep this in mind is truly wonderful.

They Will Try to Take Your Voice

There is a ton of negativity rising up, a backlash against the tides that are turning. I’m finding normally open-minded and intelligent people suddenly publicly calling for the eradication or imprisonment of those who disagree with them, people rubbing other people’s faces in the outcomes of events on both a national and personal level, people shouting others down and losing even more of their ability to listen, people clinging even tighter to their belief structures (of all sorts) and being angry at people who disagree with them. It is, I think, a necessary purging, but there is danger in the air. I’ve retreated inward, as you can tell from my absence posting here. My personal social networking has been light in tone, kept to happy personal tidbits and work-related postings and not even touching on larger topics or pointing out other’s hypocrisy when I am normally quick to do so. It’s a tricky time to engage others right now.

That being said, I had to write this down. Yes, some of what is happening is a natural purging as energy is shifting in the world, but there is also those behind the scenes trying to manipulate that for their own means. And one of the best tools they have is to take away your ability to choose and your ability to feel and your ability to speak about your choices and what you feel. They will try to take your voice, either by tricking you into false dichotomies and group labels, or by forcing you to be so overworked or worn down that you can’t think. They will try to trick you and trap you, but you have the power to walk out of the trap. It is difficult, it can be painful and exhausting, but the power is there within you. Move from your heart. Heal yourself as best you can. And step outside the game as much as possible. Do it for yourself, and then do it for your loved ones, and then do it for the human race as a whole. It’s time to step into yourself, no matter how frightening and intimidating that is. And then help others do the same.