Cover Art for The Cephalopod Maid

Here is the finished work for The Cephalopod Maid. I used watercolors, watercolor pencils, and a little white ink on her eyes.

The Cephalopod Maid

Image copyright 2014, Kat Micari.

I could have spent a lot more time adding several more detailed layers to the tentacles, but I decided not to. Once the image was shrunk down for the cover and had a filter placed over it, I would have lost all the detail work anyway.

I’m still finalizing the story descriptions, so I won’t actually be uploading it until later today. But links will be coming soon!

Cover Reveal – “The Little Book of Insurrection…”

Here is my amazing cover for the print release of “The Little Book of Insurrection or The Poetry of My Discontent”!  I am SO pleased with how my designer took my vision.

little book cover

The skull and flaming buildings is my art, and my designer did the flag background, lettering, and the smoking and glowing hole that my art is coming through.  The digital cover will basically just be the right side of this cover.

And the proof is on the way!  I had a major crisis the weekend I was preparing this for print. Not only was I afraid because poetry is so vulnerable, but I was also afraid of the potential power of my words.  But I worked through the fear, and I’m going ahead with this project full force.

My plan is to release the ebook version for free and sell the print version for around $5 or $6, depending on how Amazon royalties work out and how the book feels in proof form.  I still plan to offer prints and signed copies of the work through Etsy and maybe higher quality prints through a POD art site, but I’ll cross that bridge next week.