Coffee/Caffeine Detox is Not Fun

I am on day two of no coffee/caffeine. It is painful. I suffered a big headache yesterday, and I’m all cotton-mouthed and pale today. I’m having a terrible time focusing, and my intestines have started hating me.

But, last night I slept the deepest and soundest that I’ve slept in a very long time. And the response to my withdrawal of the stuff even after a week of drinking only one cup per day to wean myself a bit shows how bad the situation was. I’ll be monitoring the effects over the next month or so and then deciding if I want to add in the occasional cup of coffee or tea or even get back into daily drinking of it.

I miss the cup already though. Sitting down to write or make art with a hot cup of coffee was something I really enjoyed. Buying local beans and grinding them ourselves, really savoring the taste with just a splash of organic cream… I miss it. But I’ve often said that anything you can’t imagine going more than a week without, let alone a day (other than basics needed for survival of course) means that there is probably an unhealthy attachment to that thing, so this is as good of time as any to put that theory to the test.

I’ll probably be miserable and not as productive as usual for another week. Then we’ll see.