Some Progress on “The Cephalopod Maid” and Life!

Writing of “The Cephalopod Maid” is going along swimmingly!  (See what I did there?  It’s a joke, cuz cephalopods live in the ocean!)  I need to think a little more about where the story wants to grow, but that’s okay, because I have to focus my time and efforts on commissioned work for the next week.  Well, commissioned work and drumming up more paid-for work.  So unfortunately, a free short story needs to take the back seat.  Which makes me sad, because I’ve also added another two layers to the cover art, and now I can’t touch that until next week either.

Here she is!  I’ve got one layer of shading left to do on the maid, and then I get to add the details.  You can’t see in this photo, but there is a really lovely green shade to her face that goes into her body.

Cephalopod cover art in progress

In other news, our office/work space is almost completely set up.  We’ve got several different pots on the fire, and we’re hoping that we can keep it all going.  And we’re trying to settle into a work routine.  We’re still weighing whether or not we’ll look for a part or full time job for one of us or try to push the freelancing.  I think right now the plan is to keep all door opens, apply for positions as they come up and we find them interesting, and push the freelance.  It’s tough to find a balance of doing paid work, looking for future paid work, and developing art and writing that will hopefully eventually become paid work and to grow as an artist.

Starting Friday, I’ll be taking part in a Discover Authors blog tour for Penumbra, so for ten days, I’ll be posting the books for the other authors on the tour.  I’m excited to participate.  I’ll also be running an ebook giveaway for Penumbra as part of the tour, so keep watch for that!