Rewrites of my Graphic Novel are Complete

So, just in time to begin the new position at work, I’ve completed the rewrites of my graphic novel. Now I’m passing it off to my husband, who will be doing the art for it, and he will read through it and probably make suggestions for what will work better visually. Then we’ll begin picking away at it until we have enough pages done to decide how we’re going to release it to the world, still several years away most likely.

It feels good. Nothing ever comes as fast as I want it to, but when it does finally happen, it feels really good.

It… Is… Finished…

The first draft of my graphic novel is done! Only 3 months (::cough:: 4 years ::cough cough::) later than I wanted it to be. But that’s okay. Life is a twisted, winding road, and there is nothing that I can do about that.

I finished Saturday and will be taking a week and 1/2 off to edit something for a friend and give myself some space from the project, then I’ll tackle the rewrites. After that, it passes over to my husband’s hands for editing, then back to me, then it’ll be another year or two before we even start releasing it probably. I still haven’t decided if I want to go the webcomic route or not. We’ll see.

There is always such a feeling of accomplishment when a draft is finished, but at the same time, I always get this huge backlash of self-doubt leading up to the completion of a project, which then spills over into other areas of both my creative and personal life. Fortunately, I find that I finally have the tools to deal with the insecurities as they arise rather than allowing them to linger for any length of time, so that’s a good thing.

I figure that I’ll be able to begin working on my novel in May, which is already half written (requiring major editing), so my goal of releasing a first novel by the end of the year is doable, maybe. It’s the goal, anyway. We’ll see what happens. Chances are, I’ll be moving sometime during the summer months (within the same city), so that will definitely throw my creative schedule off for a while.

Overthinking the First Draft

Oh look, a writing post for the first time in eons. Isn’t this a surprise?

Well, my draft for my graphic novel is crawling along, and I’m finally approaching the final climax. I skipped ahead today to write out an epilogue I’ve been going back and forth on in my head. It is kind of a “what a twist” ending, which I’m not really sure that I want, and it takes the story down a much more cynical and dark path than it was on, and it was already fairly dark to begin with.

Aside from only having, when I’m lucky, about 30 minutes a day to write fiction or poetry, I also have a tendency to have to force myself to step back from the story and just let things come out. But it’s difficult for me. It’s not that I’m self-editing myself but that my brain is truly crafting sentences and phrases as they come. I can’t just “get it down and fix it later”. Which slows my productivity, but it gives me a first draft that is probably like some authors’ fourth or fifth, as far as edits and typos go. So maybe it balances out? I don’t know.

Again, it’s one of those situations where I think each writer has to find what works best for them. As long as you are moving forward in some way, even if it feels like crawling, eventually you will have a finished manuscript. And maybe it needs only two rounds of editing before publishing and maybe it needs twenty. And maybe you finished it in a month or maybe it takes you ten years. The important thing is that you have something to say, and eventually you say it in the best way that you can.

But then again, I’m probably overthinking all of that, too.

Outline for Graphic Novel is Done! And Possession Purging has Begun!

I finished my outline for my graphic novel (possibly also a webcomic) today during lunch.  I’m really excited at how the story has turned out.  My character, who traditionally is a loser, has turned into a hero and savior.  Yay!  I’ll reveal more once the story is written out and the concept art has begun.

We’ve also begun the purging process before beginning to pack.  It feels good to shed some of our worldly possessions, even though the decisions on what to keep, what to store, and what to donate/throw away is difficult.  We’re finally finishing digitizing our VHS collection thanks to a converter given to us a couple of Christmas’s ago, and we went through our vast CD collection and only are keeping those CDs that are sentimental (bands we know personally, my husband’s vast TMBG collection, musical recordings from shows I saw live) or that are fun to grab and listen to in the car.  Everything else is backed up to two external hard drives, so what’s the point of dragging everything with us or sticking it in storage?  Harder still will be going through my vintage clothing collection, our sentimental knickknacks, and our art prints.  And even harder than that will be going through our art supplies.  We need to decide what we’re likely going to use and then pitch anything that is old or just scraps, etc.

As part of the planning what to keep and what to ditch, we are going to be developing a business plan through the end of the year.  So that’s in the works for this week at some point, along with making prototypes and keeping up with the freelance work and starting to pack as well.  Lots of stuff going on.  My coffee and tea intake (already high) has been increasing accordingly, and I am doing my best to eat healthy foods (bone broths, veggies, low-processed foods) to keep myself healthy and strong during this month and a half.