Little Boy Blue – a poem

Posting this again because it is necessary again, though here in the US this time at least it’s a retired officer. I believe in individual rights, but rights come with responsibilities. Other people matter, regardless of race or class or creed. And until everyone understands that at a really basic level, we are going to keep getting sociopaths like this who think nothing of taking a life, who like taking orders because it excuses them from culpability (in their minds), and who enjoy feeling “power” over others to make up for something lacking in themselves.

Little Boy Blue

Oh little boy blue,
Playing with a gun,
Don’t you know someone
Once held you for her own?
Carried you for nine months,
Then rocked you for more?
Can you even understand
How you made her heart soar?

Oh little boy blue,
In your uniform so dark,
When you go about your work,
The stains never leave a mark.
You stand before your family,
Your chin lifted in pride.
The shine on your badge
Can’t hide the darkness inside.

Oh little boy blue,
How can you sleep at night?
Do you truly believe that
‘Might makes right’?
Your anger and aggression
Causes blood to pour.
Do you even know
Who you’re fighting for?

Oh little boy blue,
Your friends call you out to play.
Now you’re hunting in a pack
Each and every day.
Didn’t your mother teach you
Not to always follow the crowd?
Is there ever an end
To the violence you’re allowed?

Oh little boys in blue,
Playing with your guns,
Don’t you realize we’re all
Someone’s daughters and sons?

Copyright 2014 Kat Micari

Help for an LAX Shooting Survivor?

On Monday, I found out that I knew one of those shot last Friday at LAX from my time spent in CA.  And I was shocked.  Brian Ludmer is going to be okay.  He was shot in the calf, and the doctors are confident that he will recover over time.  But his medical expenses are going to be high, so his family has started raising money to help out.  If you are so inclined, you can donate here.  No one should have to have medical debt the size of a mortgage to recover, especially in a situation like this.  If you don’t have the funds to donate, please consider spreading the word or just taking a moment to send good thoughts his way.

I had the opportunity to work with Brian for a couple of years.  I knew him to be quiet but always smiling, incredibly hard-working, and his strength of character just shines through him.   Here’s the picture they have up on the fundraiser.

Brian Ludmer

I knew peripherally about the shooting at LAX, but I was working so many long hours this weekend that I didn’t care about looking into it more.  Once I found out that I knew someone involved, though, I started to care.  And then I felt angry and ashamed that I was so numb to begin with.  A feeling of “not again” and that was it.  We should care.  We need to care.  Not be incapacitated by our caring, but there needs to be some emotional connection.  Apathy is the easy answer, but it’s apathy, to a large extent, that allows the problems of our society to continue.  A human is a human, and life is life, and no matter where in the world lives are being destroyed, we should care.

Brian was lucky.  Others aren’t, every single day.  It’s sobering to think about.