Time Away

We’ve run away to our aunt’s cottage on Lake Ontario for a couple of days since we didn’t get to travel anywhere really this summer with my being very pregnant and then delivering. Even though we’re still responsible for our two children, it feels nice to step away from the daily routine and be around the water for a bit.

I’m hoping to have a couple of months of being able to get outside more, now that the baby is almost 4 weeks old. Last weekend, we sat with some family at their campsite at a state park for a few hours, and we’ve started taking walks around our neighborhood. It was really difficult being cooped up inside for several weeks, and I want to get to my favorite hiking trails at least once before they close up at the end of October.

Getting back to nature is one of the ways I draw inspiration for my creative work and heal myself, and I am so glad my son likes to walk the trails with me. I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to that as well.

Pratt’s Falls Visit

My family and I took a morning excursion yesterday to Pratt’s Falls, a local county park. This is one of my favorite places to escape to for a little bit, even if it’s just to spend 20 minutes by the falls. Not too far of a drive, and even though I had to work late last night because of it, I needed the time there.


There was still snow around the falls and in the gorge itself, even though the weather has been warm.


The trees are so beautiful. I love the way they intertwine.


And because it is a former mill site, there is some old stonework at the top of the falls.

So now I’m rejuvenated and ready for two and a half weeks of absolute insanity at work. Then maybe I’ll head back here for rejuvenation again.

Spring has Sprung, Time to Get Outside!

I did my morning pages and began editing my graphic novel draft sitting on the front steps this morning for the second time this season. Coffee next to me, sun hitting me full on… it felt glorious. And I am resolving here and now to do that every morning that I possibly can.

I’ve spoken before about how important being near water is to me, but being outside in general is something that I never realized how much I needed until I grew up. It took moving to CA to really appreciate the greenness of the northeast. And since developing a homemade bug repellent last summer that I really like, I find myself happy meandering woodland trails and soaking in scenic sights.

We’ve discussed purchasing a seasonal NYS park pass this year. I want to try to get to our local state park almost weekly with my son, and we’ll pick different localish places to go on day trips. And the season pass is so reasonably priced.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point where I can wilderness camp for weeks at a time. I like my flush toilets and my warm/hot showers. But we’ll have to see.