Etsy Shop Oops

Evidently, in the midst of my crazy work schedule, I allowed all but one of my Etsy links to expire. Whoops! Bad independent artist, bad! No biscuit for me!

So, anyway, that has all been corrected now, and in the interest of some self promotion, here is the link to my shop: Phantasms of Truth. As a reminder, this is where you can purchase some illustrations, as well as signed copies of The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent.

And since I’m on a self promotion kick, here are the links to the digital editions of my writing.

Amazon author page here.
Smashwords author page here.

The Little Book Of Insurrection… has now been released!

Little Book of Insurrection coverI am pleased to announce the release of The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent.


Download ebook for free at Smashwords (Note: if you do not have an e-reader, .pdf is the cleanest file to view on your computer).

Buy print copy on Amazon

Buy a signed print copy or prints of the illustrations at my new Etsy shop: Phantasms of Truth


This volume of poetry collects twelve of Kat Micari’s most politically and socially charged poems and song lyrics with eight accompanying illustrations. They are the product of a disenchanting coming-of-age in the United States of recent decades, a passionate retaliation against many of the aspects of modern society.

From the author: Poetry is a way to let the heart and soul speak directly to others without societal structure getting in the way. This is the truth of our society through my eyes. May it resonate with you and cause you to question more. 

Penumbra – a Dark Modern Fairy Tale

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Penumbra by Kat Micari cover art


An urban fantasy story that will grip you and leave you wanting more.

Fed up with the dirty city and a disenchanting life as a fashion model, Beauty’s world is at least safe.  But the illusion of safety shatters the night that she frees herself from her self-imposed fears only to be thrust into the magical underbelly of the city, where forces that want to save humanity and evil beings that want to feed off humanity’s despair fight for balance and power.

Driven from both the comforts and the trappings of her old life, now hunted by a cadre of sinister, rat-faced business men, Beauty’s only hope is to join with a strange magical ally. Together, with the help of fae creatures in unlikely guises, they must seek out an enchanted, improbable artifact that can heal the city before evil tips the balance, once and for all.

This powerful coming-of-age fairy tale follows the path of a young heroine who chooses to take fate into her own hands for the first time in her life, and of the consequences that her choice has on the magical beings of the city.

Why This Story?

Penumbra started as a short story years ago, but the main character got into my head.  Beauty is my response against the many young heroines popular today that rely solely on other’s for their strength and happiness.  In this story, on this journey, Beauty is finding herself.  It’s as much an inner journey for her as it is a traditional fairy tale.

I also had lots of fun creating my own creatures of magic and fantasy and playing with traditional fairy tale tropes in a modern setting.  Part of the joy of being an independent author, for me, is being able to write a story the way it wants to be written, serving the characters and the plot rather than a preconceived market put on me by an outside person.  The result, in this case, is positive, and I have high hopes for my future work as well.

The Giveaway

In celebration of Discovery 4 at Discover Authors being my first round robin blog tour, and as it is my birthday month, I will be giving away three (3) ebooks.  You can enter in many ways, up to three times.  First – comment on this blog.  Second – link to either the Amazon or Smashwords page via social media, and either comment here or email or tweet at me that you have done so with the link to your site so I can follow you.  I’ll count two social media links as separate entries.  On August 20th (the day after this blog tour ends), I will do a drawing and announce the winners!

Penumbra is available at Smashwords and Amazon.

Getting Ready for Book Blog Tours

I’m taking part in a round-robin book blog tour soon.  It’s my first participation in one.  I am going to be prepping my page tonight for Penumbra.  

I have a really hard time promoting myself.  I don’t want to “bother” people.  I don’t like to talk myself up that much because I don’t want to come across as arrogant or rude.  I have friends who have read Penumbra and enjoyed it, and I haven’t hounded them yet to write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads because I figure if they really wanted to, they would.  I don’t post the link to buy Penumbra as frequently as I should because I figure people will see it if they want it.

But I need to get over my fear of annoying people.  I need to believe in myself so others can believe in my art and writing.  If I can’t afford to hire a publicist, I need to learn to be my own.  Things to work on.

Fellow indie authors, what do you like to include on book blog tours?