Liberty for All – A Poem

What have we done to Fellowship?
Where’s the love for our fellow man?
The insular lives we now lead
Means that we don’t do all we can
No more living the Golden Rule
Each for theirself, so weak, so small!
No help for your neighbors, nor hope!
It’s one for one, not one for all.

Can we e’er find Equality?
So elusive, it seems to hide.
It’s us verses them ev’ry day.
To walk this path, always deride.
Rather judge a person theirself
By thoughts, actions, and their deeds.
Instead of what we still look at:
Gender, race, sexuality, and creed.

Whence has flown great Intelligence?
Where have our brilliant minds all gone?
No more knowledge for its own sake,
The focus is on rich gains alone.
The latest big consumer toy
Or vanity pills down our throats
Learning reviled, hated, in vain.
Party lines are our only quotes.

How can we now achieve Justice?
That lovely and resilient song?
Impartial code for all to see.
Two rights can never make a wrong.
No more destruction or violence.
Each working to remove that stain.
Natural rights for ev’ryone.
The end of strife and futile pain.

Who knows how to speak out the Truth?
Unbiased and clear as a bell.
And could we even recognize?
We may not know and dare not tell.
It still is there for us to hear.
All it takes is for us to start.
The clarion sound can ring out loud
If we carry it in the heart.

Who now remembers Liberty?
To get it, will you make a stand?
Rights and responsibility,
Alway together, hand in hand.
Never yet in our history
Have we seen this, but let’s begin.
To grow beyond our current fate,
Search the mirror, dive deep within.

Copyright 2017, Kat Micari

The Popularity of Vanity on Social Media

I have inadvertently been running a social experiment on my personal Facebook page. About a year ago, I started a Tumblr blog as a way to advertise my skills indirectly and build my freelance business, and those posts go directly to my Facebook page and almost always involve pictures of myself. Or I’ll post pictures of things I’ve created, again usually with me also in the picture. These always get lots of “likes”, with comments about how I look. And I began studying my friends posts, and it is the changed profile pics or the fashion or done-up pictures or the selfies that get the most social validation.

But I also post about social and political issues that are important to me. Not frequently, because I don’t want to bombard people or depress them, but when I find a documentary that excites me or really want to press home an issue, I post about it. I try to speak clearly and passionately about these issues, with the goal of getting people to think for themselves. And I only get a handful of “likes”.

It’s become a little game to me though, balancing the vanity posts against the intelligent, more important posts, because I know the more people like the first, the more my other posts will show up in their feed even though they aren’t responding. I’m working the system to get my message across subtly, and that kind of entertains me. But it also pisses me off a little to think that people, even family, are more inclined to approve of my looks and my creative ability than in my ability to actually think and hold discourse. If I was the type to be influenced by the opinions of others, I’d be apt to shut up more frequently. Thankfully, I’ve never been shy about saying something that I think needs saying. I might need to work myself up to doing it, but it’ll come out eventually. But as an experiment, it says something about how a woman is valued still in this society, doesn’t it?

Here, on my Kat Micari site, my poems net me the most “likes” and comments, followed by posting my art, then my postings on the creative process. My random musings generally less so, but I have the luxury of not relying on this side of things for income. So I just post whatever I feel like.

Have any of you noticed trends in your posting that are kind of fascinating to think about on a broad social scale? Human nature in general is interesting to me.