The End by Kat Micari

I was thinking back on this song I wrote last year, and I really love it still. I’d like to say I’ve improved a ton on the uke since then, but I would be lying to you. But I made some progress, and I look forward to seeing how I can grow into my creativity this coming year.

My First Original Song and Musings on The Crazy Times We Are In

I have had a really difficult time trying to contribute creatively in some small way in these times we are in, and I have felt really almost trapped by the weight of everything. Last week, this song came bubbling out of me, and I immediately felt better. So I decided to be brave and share it. I kept it a simple 4 chord progression so I could really focus on the words and message and not worry so much about playing.

When the Black Lives Matter protests first started, I dove into making face masks for the local protesters, both for their protection but also to give the cops one less reason to hassle anyone. I signed petitions, I’ve been reading and educating myself, and I’ve been sharing information on my personal Facebook page, but I had no extra energy for much over here. I considered running a sale on some of my art or poetry collection to raise money for a few different organizations, but I felt like that would be gauche in a way, like I was trying to capitalize on other’s pain. I sketched out a possible big painting to go with my Little Boy Blue poem, but it was truly dark and twisted and something I couldn’t bring myself to start painting. I couldn’t dive deep enough to write any new poems. Everything just hurt too much.

Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. Trans lives matter. Brown babies in cages matter. I hate putting things in dichotomy, but it really does come down to whether you care about other beings on this planet or you don’t. And if you don’t, then I feel sorry for you. Because there is no place in the future of humanity for people who don’t care. Or who care more for being comfortable than whether or not another human is able to live.

Anyway, this song is released under the Creative Commons License – Non Commercial. I’d love to see if anyone else does something fun with it. Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

“Little Book of Love or the Poetry of My Transformation” Released!

cover image of the little book of love or the poetry of my discontent by kat micari - a red and blue heart

The process took way longer than I thought it would, but the poetry collection is finally released on Amazon and Smashwords. If you’d like an autographed copy, let me know and we can work it out!

I honestly had a really difficult time getting excited about this release. I feel like I should be pushing my other poetry collection “The Little Book of Insurrection or the Poetry of My Discontent” again with the current state of our country. I’m so angry at the murder of POC by police officers, and I feel like everything is being done to make the common people feel as powerless as possible in the face of everything going on lately. But love is what will let our situation improve, because love is what gives us courage. And we all need courage in the days to come.

Sharing an old poem – Normal

Normal, A Poem

Have you ever noticed
There is so much that can be made
‘Normal’ and ‘livable’?
Survival mechanisms played
By master technicians,
Musicians of the human mind,
And we let ourselves be
Instruments of uncommon kind.
Played out, worn down, broken,
Barely able to keep the time,
Forced to play others’ tunes
Instead of our own sweet sublime.
We keep running that wheel
Made by those who manipulate
Bodies so bent and weak,
We easily capitulate.
It is then trauma starts,
And we don’t know how to act.
We let fear burn our hearts.
We respond not knowing all facts.
Then we bury it deep
To go on yet another day,
Feeling something so wrong
But never knowing what to say.
We try to live happy
As commodities, money slaves,
Future collateral
Damage, we work to dig our graves.
We feel something is off
And think it must come from inside
Because the disconnect
Between us is so very wide.
Truth still remains within
Down in the depths of our being
If we let go of fear,
Open our eyes and start seeing.
We are all in this mess
And together can become free.
Let’s take back our power
And make ‘normal’ what it should be.

Copyright 2018, Kat Micari

I wrote this poem a couple years ago, but it feels so relevant to me this week. Take this time of isolation to really learn yourself to the core of your being. We shouldn’t be looking backward but instead be looking to grow ourselves, individually and collectively.