Edwardian Lady – Pencil Sketch


Copyright 2017, Kat Micari

I sketched this Edwardian lady as a gift for my mom. I didn’t have time to get as detailed on the shading as I have been able to in the past, but because the necklace is so complicated, I think there is enough detail work.

In other art news, there are a couple of local shows that I want to submit for, which means I have to actually get off my butt and finish the gallery page on this site finally. I will hopefully do that over the weekend.

Pencil Sketch

I had a little time this week at work to sketch and finished this one up that I did off of an old turn-of-the century photograph.


The only issue is the eyes wound up too big, but I really love how expressive it turned out. I mean, I uh… did her eyes bigger on purpose as an homage to Disney animation. Right. It’s a… design choice. That’s it, a design choice.