The Spin, a poem



The bile fills my gorge

As round and round we go

The pictures flash and burn

As round and round we go


Loathing and disgust

At the ten second clip

Empathy to last

’Til only the next blip


Push it down our throats

As round and round we go

No need to really know

As round and round we go


Integrity is flushed

Sensationalism’s in

To flounder during sweeps

Is the absolute worst sin


They’re selling us the news

As round and round we go

Can we ever learn

As round and round we go?


Poem copyright 2007, Illustration copyright 2013 – Kat Micari
Both found in The Little Book of Insurrection or The Poetry of My Discontent

I’m feeling this poem so much this week that I had to share it. There are discussions I want to have with people, things I want to say that would wake them up to this, but people are caught up in a riptide of emotion, many rightfully so. So I stay silent, and listen, and experience their pain with them and offer support where I can, which is all I can do at this point. And then use that energy to create as best I can so it gets processed into something constructive at least.

Part of me would love to update this poem as well. I glibly included the stanza on “sweeps week”, but the spin goes beyond just trying to hustle and make money. It really is a tool for control.