A Couple Sketches

I found a couple of old sketches that I never shared here, probably because when I drew them, I was less than happy with how they came out. But I like them now, so I’m sharing them! I had to brighten the pics and darken the pencil lines to get them clear because I was lazy and didn’t want to hook up my scanner.

There is still a disconnect between my sketches and my finished works. My pencils are loose, almost aggressive at times, and I’m able to get that feeling still in my pastels and charcoal drawings as well, but when I switch to paints, I get a little tense and try to be “perfect” still. It was something I struggled with in my costume renderings. So it will be a balance I will continue striving toward as I move forward in my art.

I’ve started working on a couple new songs and that theatrical piece in odd moments, so new work is coming, and I’m still happily making future plans for projects. We’ll see what I manage to accomplish.

Pencil Sketches

I went to a Drink N’Draw last night with a friend of mine, and these are the results.

IMG_0402 IMG_0404

Overall, I’m satisfied with the body, but not with the face. This is the same model, and clearly they don’t look like the same woman. Funny enough, the model turned out to be the little sister of a really good friend of mine, someone I haven’t seen since my friend’s wedding in 2009. So that was a fun happenstance! And also maybe why I’m unsatisfied with her face. I think it’s more difficult to use someone I know personally as a model. And drawing myself, forget about it. I never think it looks like me.

In other art news, I’ve decided to just insert my work into a makeshift gallery on my art page rather than link to Deviant Art, as Deviant Art’s new way of operating is annoying me. It will be a little clunky because this particular WordPress theme doesn’t do fancy galleries, but it will suffice for what I want and need right now. So expect that soon!

Drink n’Draw Sketch

My husband and I went to a Drink n’Draw this past Saturday for a couple of hours, meeting up with a friend of ours. This is a 30 minute sketch off of a 45 minute pose – the first time I’ve gotten to work with a live model since grad school (beyond quick sketches of my family), and it felt really good. This particular group does weekly nude figure drawing sessions for a very reasonable amount of money, so I’m going to try to get out to that whenever possible.

The model was beautiful, although the lighting was quite harsh in the bar as they had to use a clamp light almost like a spotlight. I was feeling not very good about the sketch and slightly envious of the tighter and more concise sketching styles of the other people at the table with me, but then my husband told me that he actually wished he had a looser style like mine. A case of you always want what you don’t have, I guess. Like my singing voice – I’ve always loved the raspy voice of female vocalists that either deal with vocal strain or smoke crazy amounts of cigarettes, but I’m at the complete opposite end of the spectrum personally.

I’ve decided to embrace my art style. Part of the reason I’ve got so many searching lines when I draw is because I’m really trying to capture the inner essence of whatever it is I’m drawing as well as the shape and form. That actually sounds a little creepy to me, like I’m trying to literally put a piece of the subject into my work, but really, it’s a piece of myself – what my response is after I’ve emotionally and intuitively broken down the subject (whether animate or not) in my mind and put it back together. And if that’s what excites me to create, then I may as well go along with it instead of fighting for a style that isn’t my own.

Where I could use a lot more precision is in my hands and feet. I need to spend a lot of time just drawing those body parts so I don’t stress about them.

Making a Point – a poem

Making a Point

The points of my pencils
Are now sharp.
I sketch new light
Into an old place.
Shadows blended between objects
Refractions of my soul.

The points of my pencils
Are fading fast.
I sketch a new world
Onto a blank page.
Creations spring to life
Of their own free will.

The points of my pencils
Are flat and dull.
I place a new line
On top of old.
Heavy-handed and light-hearted
A peace is obtained.

The points of my pencils
Are now sharp…

Copyright 2010 Kat Micari

Illustrations for Poetry Collection – Pencils are Almost Done!

Penciling is coming along really well now for my illustrations.  I’m going to share one illustration all the way through my process.  Well, not all the way through.  My rough sketches are VERY rough, and I don’t really like sharing those.

This particular illustration started out by being simply the flaming sword of Truth, but it didn’t seem visually interesting enough, especially as these illustrations are going to be in gray scale (washes of black ink).  So I went back and read my poem a few times and came up with the following.

Sword of Truth with SerpentsNote: this image has been darkened in Photoshop so the pencil lines show.

The three-headed serpent have bindings in the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” bent.  I roughed out some scaling on one of the serpents in order to get a sense of proportion but will add the rest with ink.

I tend to work maybe a little too heavy with my pencils, but I’ve embraced that as just being part of my process and adding to the overall completed work.

Thanksgiving is next week, so I may not get to starting to ink until the following week, but I’ll share my progress as I go!