New review of Penumbra

Jalyn Ely reviewed Penumbra here.  

I had to chuckle out loud reading the review.  She enjoyed Penumbra but was confused as to why she enjoyed it.  

“My overall feeling when I finished Penumbra was bafflement. As in, how could Kat Micari break so many of the rules and still have a good story? (In case you can’t tell, I’m still not sure what to make of it.)”

I wonder if my future works will be more straight-forward or if my writing will continue in this vein.  Is different in this case good or bad?  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.  But I’ll be true to my Voice as much as I can.

Of the three reviews I’ve gotten so far, the length of Penumbra seems to be an issue.  Each time, I ask myself if the story would have been better served by adding a B plot, or having it take place over a longer period of time, but, again, I don’t know.  I think I need to get some more of my work out there so I can get more feedback.  

Anyway, I’m pleased with the review.  

My First Author Interview!!!

A few days ago, the blog “Flying with Red Haircrow” posted an interview by me.  Check it out here!

We’re loaded in and slowly unpacking.  It was exhausting even with movers, and we headed back yesterday to clean and load the last of our bits.  We have a lot of crap because of our business (merchandise, art supplies, some machinery, etc), because of our hobbies (we both love to cook, my husband brews beer, we each play a couple of instruments), and because my toddler has more toys than any child has a right to have thanks mostly to his grandparents.  So… I figure about two weeks until we’re fully settled in, if we’re lucky, with some bits of creative work going on in the meantime.  Hopefully the physical exhaustion will lessen over the weekend though.

First Amazon Review of “Penumbra” is Up!!!!

Lookey here!  At some point (May 4th, evidently), “Penumbra” received it’s first review!  4 stars, woohoo!

4.0 out of 5 stars Mysterious fairy tale! May 4, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I downloaded this title to my kindle for a road trip and I’m glad I did! It’s a dark fairy tale that starts with a seemingly fragile woman and transforms her into a true heroine. Very interesting characters and descriptive writing make this a fun and fast read…almost too fast!
And of course, my brain being what it is, I immediately started thinking “oh my goodness, it’s too fast a read, people are going to hate that it’s so short” but that’s how the story progressed, and I don’t know if the characters would have been served better by more time or not.  My readers will have to be the judge of that!  I will say that the pace it moves could mean that it is very easily adaptable for other media options, and I kind of like that.
Yay first review!

Penumbra is now available!

Penumbra is available for download at Amazon and Smashwords!

Description: Fed up with the dirty city and a disenchanting life as a fashion model, Beauty’s world is at least safe. But the illusion of safety shatters the night that she frees herself from her self-imposed fears only to be thrust into the magical underbelly of the city, where forces that want to save humanity and evil beings that want to feed off humanity’s despair fight for balance and power.

Forced from both the comforts and the trappings of her old life, now hunted by a cadre of sinister, rat-faced business men, Beauty’s only hope is to join with a strange magical ally. Together, with the help of fae creatures in unlikely guises, they must seek out an enchanted, improbable artifact that can heal the city before evil tips the balance, once and for all.

This powerful coming-of-age fairy tale follows the path of a young heroine who chooses to take fate into her own hands for the first time in her life, and of the consequences that her choice has on the magical beings of the city.

Warning: I’ve been told by several beta readers that they had intended to read Penumbra over several sittings but ended up getting so sucked into the story that they read it all at once.

I would have had this out last week, but it took me forever to get the HTML formatting on Smashwords correct.  Turns out that you have to hit enter BEFORE hitting page break!  So now I know.

Now begins the fun of submitting this to reviewers, getting set up on Goodreads, and updating all my social media sites.  Woo-ha!

By the way, if you are a book reviewer and would like a free copy of Penumbra, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to send you one.

Excerpt from “Penumbra”

Here is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released novella Penumbra.  Hopefully the ebook version will be out by the end of this week!

Outside the pizza joint, there are men.  Men in suits that reek of power.  Their eyes glint red, and their teeth shine bright and sharp in the streetlights.  The largest of them steps toward her.  “Hello, I am Kristoph.  And you… you are in major trouble.”  He leans in close to her.  “You broke my brother’s nose.  You really shouldn’t have done that.”  The men surround her menacingly as her giddiness fades.  She feels the danger again from the previous night, the source now standing around her.  The streetlights flicker one after another down the block as the men move in slowly, deliberate in their attack.  They shift their faces as they close in, monstrous shadows taking hold of their features.  As one reaches out a hand to grab her, there is a low growl from the shadows.  A blurred movement knocks over one of the men who screams in terror.  There is a whirlwind of motion.  The other men turn and join the fray.  Howls and shrieks fill the air.  The girl steps back.  The men in suits run away, the leader giving her a backwards glance of hatred.  And lying on the bloody sidewalk is Rags.

            “Rags?  What were you doing?  Are you hurt?”  She helps him stand up, and as he rises, she realizes that he towers over her by several feet.  “What’s going on?”

            Rags reaches up and exposes his face to the streetlight.  He is not human, but a strange creature.  Hairy face, bulbous nose, large black liquid eyes.  He is injured, but not badly. 

            “Beauty, you must come.” 


            “You must come.  It is time.”  He holds out his huge, fuzzy hand and after a moment’s hesitation, she takes it.  While they stand still, the world moves around them, and she finds herself looking at a completely different city.


“Penumbra” Cover Reveal

Here’s the cover!!!

penumbra cover

Any comment or suggestions?  I’m pretty sold on this design as is, but I’m willing to entertain constructive criticism.

Plus, any thoughts on author bio pictures?  I recently chopped my hair (I sold it to an extension maker to pay some bills and buy some art supplies), so I don’t even have long hair any more, and a lot of the images are a little too dramatic.  Should I go with an uber-casual shot or is a touch of drama okay?

Expect sample descriptions and such later this weekend.

We have a title!

A novella title, that is.  And it is (drum roll…) Penumbra.  Here is the dictionary definition, if you need it:


[pi-nuhm-bruh] Show IPA

noun, plural pe·num·brae [-bree] Show IPA , pe·num·bras.

1.Astronomy .

a.the partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the light from the source of illumination is only partly cut off. Compare umbra (  def 3a ) .
b.the grayish marginal portion of a sunspot. Compare umbra (  def 3b ) .
2.a shadowy, indefinite, or marginal area.
Origin:1660–70;  < Neo-Latin,  equivalent to Latin paen- pen- + umbra  shade
I also have a tentative idea for the cover that I am going to sketch out tonight.  I’m thinking of one that’s more graphic-oriented than picture-oriented.  But we’ll see how it goes.
In further updates, my illustrations are coming along finally!  I don’t know how long it will take to finish, since I have a set of eight to complete and I want them to be very detailed, but I’m going to see what I can get done this week.  I may need to make the decision to get Penumbra out before The Little Book of Insurrection, or the Poetry of my Discontent, but we’ll see.  I really wanted to release both ebooks simultaneously and then both paperback versions side by side as well.
I’ve also been thinking about my next big project after that, which will be attempting to raise money to complete my first music album including the songs that are included as part of the poetry collection.  I worry that if I stick with songs only in the vein of the ones in my collection that people will get really depressed listening to the album, but if I include any upbeat songs, it will detract from my message.  Maybe play around with some of the music behind the lyrics?  I feel like I need to include SOME songs of beauty and hope, but a lot of what I write lyrically along those lines comes across as schmaltzy or preachy, and I do NOT want that to happen.  But I’ve got some time to percolate.
Also, I’ve got a post brewing about violence towards women and rape and our current culture, but that needs time to percolate a little too.  It kept me up a while last night thinking about it though.