Metatags for Pics, or Don’t Do As I Do

So, I didn’t understand SEO or tagging photos, and now I’m suffering for it. Over the past several months, I’ve been going back through and adding metatags in. My gallery site and blog here were fairly quick to go through, but my portfolio site for my costume work is taking me forever. Literally hundreds of photos, that a lot of time I was in such a hurry to get up that I just didn’t pay attention.

In the end, the pain will be worthwhile, I hope, in driving traffic a little more. For example, if I have Take Back Your Mink from Guys and Dolls, and that image comes up while someone is looking up the show, it gets my name out there. But if I only have adelaide4 as the title, which is what it currently is, then it won’t ever come up. But we are talking long boring hours of trying to come up with descriptions because I am too poor to hire someone to do this for me. (Hear that, spammers? Don’t bother me cuz I don’t got nuthin’ for you.) As a do-it-yourself creative, and a huge proponent of being one, mistakes are part of the process. But take a lesson from me. Do yourself a favor, and every time you upload a photo, take the time to add a decent title and alt tag. Look up some articles on the best way to do this. Be as descriptive as possible.

I still have a long way to go on this project, but I will get it done eventually. Keep chipping away like I do everything else. Living that freelancer’s balance of paid work and getting more paid work. Good times, good times.

For Every Two Steps Forward, There’s a Step Back

My interview today wound up actually being a pre-interview, ten minutes in length, to ascertain whether or not I was still interested in working with this company. Because the person had already looked at my online portfolio, they didn’t even bother having me show them the immaculate work I had done setting up my physical portfolio. Hours of work prepping the portfolio (not to mention money I couldn’t really afford to be spending to print pictures), dressed to the nines, hair and makeup perfect, and I could have worn jeans and not stressed at all. BUT they are still interested, I got to drop off my physical resume with actual references for the head honcho, and as we were gifted with free theater tickets for tonight, I won’t have to waste time later on hair and makeup. Now I’ll probably be waiting a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I entered into talks with another shop for freelance work that has phenomenal reviews, and hopefully that will prove fruitful. I’d rather make slightly less money guilt-free (and potentially not have to get liability insurance) than worry about being connected with a less-than-honest corporation. But still, we’re in early stages here.

I’m in a hurry up and wait period right now, and, as a creature of action, I hate waiting. But I will grin and bear it.

Excitingly, though, one of my illustrations (Tears) was included in this beautiful treasury on Etsy – Brave: Brain Storm.  It really is a deep and thoughtful collection of images.

Busy Busy Busy

I’ve just completed my first blog tour with Discover Authors.  It was a success in that I’ve gotten some new followers (hello!) and am now aware of 9 more authors out there than I was before, but unsuccessful in that not a single person signed up for my ebook giveaway.  I can’t even GIVE Penumbra away.  But that’s okay.  I’m really not overly concerned about it at this point as I am swamped with deadlines.

I’ve got two commissions that need to ship out early next week, and I’ve got a job interview on Thursday that is actually in my field!  My portfolio, however, is in a massive state of disarray, so now I had to take time today to prep photos for printing, and tomorrow I have to assemble the darn thing, in addition to normal interview prepping (printing out C.V., having a list of questions to ask so I seem interested) and I need to get enough sleep tomorrow night so I can be charming at the interview which means that work on the commissions will need to get pushed back to this weekend, which means I basically won’t be sleeping at all this weekend.  Ironically, the interview is in the city we just moved from, so if I get the job and the pay is high enough that I accept their offer, we’ll be moving back to where we just left.

So, needless to say, no work has been done on illustrations or writing.  I’ve had to forgo playing my flute and piano, although I’ve been singing along while I work.  My stress level is building so much, though, that I think I’ll force myself to play my flute tomorrow.  I haven’t taken the time to meditate, and I feel bad for my husband at this point dealing with me.

I do have some blog ideas in the works, and I hope to start incorporating more images to make this space more visually interesting.